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The LCD for 2/9 and 1/6 is 18.

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Q: What is the least common denominator for two ninths and one sixth?
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What is the least common denominator of one sixth and one eighth?


What is the least common denominator of one-sixth and three-tenths?


What is the least common denominator of one-fourth and one sixth?

one twelfth

What is the Least Common Denominator for four fifths and one sixth?

30 just30

What is the least common denominator of three fifths and two fifteenths and one sixth?

the least common denominator of three fifths and two fifteenths and one sixth is 30. you multiply 15 by two, 6 by five, and 3 by ten.

7 and ninths plus 3 and 1 sixth?

You don't say how many ninths there are, which is critical to the total. Change the mixed numbers to improper fractions with the common denominator of 18 and proceed with the addition. Reduce if possible.

What is the least common denominator of one sixth?

You need at least two denominators to find something in common between them.

What is the common denominator of one third and one sixth?

three, because for one third three was the denominator , and for one sixth the denominator was devisable by three.

What is the least common multiple of three fourths and one sixth?

The LCM applies to whole numbers, not fractions. If you're trying to find the least common denominator, it's 12.

Do you need to find a common denominator when you multiply fractions why or why not?


What is ninths plus sixth?


What is one sixth minus one eighth?

You need to:* Find a common denominator (it need not be the least common denominator); * Convert both fractions to the common denominator * After that, you can simply subtract the numerators. * Check whether you can simplify the result.

What are equivalent fractions for one-sixth and one-ninth with a common denominator of 18?

It is 5/18.

Sixth- ninths in lowest term?


What fraction is equivalent to sixth ninths?


What is seven ninths minus one sixth?


What is 4 ninths divided by 8 thirds?


Which is bigger five sixth or eight ninths?


What is 1 sixth plus (-7 ninths)?


What is the numerator to denominator relationships for one sixth?

Denominator = numerator * 6.

What is seven ninths divided by two thirds?

One and one sixth

What is Sixth-ninths in lowest term?

6/9 = 2/3

Is three ninths and sixth eighteenths equivalent?

yep, they are, why do you ask that anyway

What is seven ninths take away one sixth?

eleven eighteenths

Is three ninths and one sixth the same?

No. To find equivalent fractions, divide the numerator and denominator by the same integer. 3/9 divided by 3/3 = 1/3 (which is twice as large as 1/6)