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Q: What is the least common denominator of eight ninths one seventh and two thirds?
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What is a common denominator for four-ninths and two -thirds?


What is the least common denominator between one seventh and two thirds?


What is three and one seventh plus two and eight ninths?

six and two thirds

What is the answer to two thirds minus two ninths?

Two thirds minus two ninths is 4 ninths. Two thirds is 6 ninths. 6 ninths minus 2 ninths is 4 ninths.

What are the common denominator of ome fourth and two thirds?

12 is a common denominator.

2 thirds or 7 ninths are bigger?

7 ninths, 2 thirds is 6 ninths

Is three and six ninths equal to three and two thirds?

Yes - the numerator and denominator of the proper fraction 6/9 share the common divisor of 3, therefore, you can divide the numerator and denominator by 3 to make 2/3. Therefore, 3 6/9 or three and six ninths can be more conveniently written as 3 2/3 or three and two thirds.

Two thirds minus four ninths?

Two thirds is six ninths; six ninths minus four ninths is two ninths.

Which is bigger 5 ninths or 2 thirds?

9 ninths divided by 3 equals 3 ninths. 3 thirds divided by 3 is 1 third. 1 third equals 3 ninths. 2 thirds equals 6 ninths. 2 thirds is bigger

How many ninths are the same as two thirds?

To get ninths from thirds, you need to multiply both numerator and denominator by 32/3 = (2*3)/(3*3) = 6/9

Does two thirds equal to seven ninths?

No. Two-Thirds equals Six-Ninths

What is the lowest common denominator for three quarters and two thirds?

The lowest common denominator would be twelve!

What is a common denominator for two thirds and five sixes?

The common denominator of 2/3 and 5*6 is 3.

How many thirds are there in five-ninth?

There is one third in five ninths, with a remainder of two ninths. Six ninths would be equal to two thirds.

What is 2 thirds plus 2 ninths?

Eight ninths

What is a common denominator for one fourth and two thirds?

It is: 12

What is 4 ninths divided by 8 thirds?


What is the greatest common factor of two thirds and two ninths?

The GCF refers to integers, not fractions.

Two thirds plus two ninths equals what?


What does two thirds minus four ninths equal to?

two ninths

What is 7 and 5 ninths minus 3 and 8 ninths?

two and two thirds

What is the least common denominator of one half and two thirds?


What is the lowest common denominator for two thirds and five Sixths?


What is the sum of two thirds and four ninths?

Only fractions with the same denominator can be added directly. Addition of such fractions can be achieved by adding their numerators to form the numerator of the sum, with the common denominator of the added fractions constituting the denominator of the sum. In this instance, 2/3 = 6/9, and 4/9 + 6/9 = 10/9.

What is four ninths multiplied by two thirds?

Four ninths multiplied by two thirds is = to eight twenty sevenths

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