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Four. (100 x 10 = 1,000)

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Q: What is the least number of digits a product can have when multiplying a three-digit number by a two-digit number?
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What is the largest four digit number the product of whose digits is 61?

61 is prime. You cannot make 61 by multiplying four digits.

When multiplying by ten the digits shift to the?

When multiplying by ten the digits shift to the left

Dan found a twodigit odd number. one of its digits was half the other. the number was greater than 50. what was it?


How do you know where to put the decimal when multiplying decimals?

If two decimal numbers have x and y digits after the decimal point respectively, then their product has (x + y) digits after the decimal point.

What are the rules for significant digits when multiplying?

If two numbers have m and n significant digits, respectively, then then product can have at most m+n. However, the normally it is the minimum of m and n.

Why is it not necessary to line up the decimal point when multiplying two numbers?

Because the number of digits after the decimal place in a product does not require that.

When multiplying decimals how do you determine where to place the decimal in the answer?

If the two multiplicands have X and Y digits after the decimal place then their product (before removing any trailing 0s) has (X+Y) digits after the decimal point.

What is the difference between multiplying decimals and multiplying whole numbers?

You do the multiplication in exactly the same way. The only extra thing is that when multiplying decimals, you need to place the decimal point (or decimal comma - depending on your country) in the correct position. If one number has, for example, 3 digits after the decimal point, and the other 4, you need to place the decimal point in the result (BEFORE eliminating unnecessary zeros) in such a way that there are, in this example, 7 digits (3 + 4) to the right of the decimal point.

What is the two digit number are added they give a sum that is half as large as the product of multiplying the two digits?

44. Also works for 36, 63.

Why is it important to line up the decimal points when adding or subtracting but not when multiplying?

Because when adding or subtracting, the operations must take account of the place values of individual digits in the numbers. When multiplying, only the overall order of magnitudes are relevant for placing the decimal point in the product.

When multiplying decimals count the decimals digits in each?


How many digits can the product of two 2 digit numbers have give examples?

It should be obvious (it is, isn't it? am I expecting too much of today's educational system?) that the largest possible result of multiplying two two digit numbers is 99x99 = 9801, which has four digits, and the smallest possible result is 10x10 = 100, which has three digits.

What does product of digits mean?

Mutilply the values of the digits.

How many digits can product of the two digit numbers have?

The digits product of two digit has number four

What patterns are involed in multiplying algebreic expressions?

Multiply vertically the extreme left digits is one pattern involved in multiplying algebraic expressions. Multiplying crosswise is another common pattern that is used.

A 2 digit number that equals two times the result multiplying its digits?


How many two digits numbers are there in which the product of the digits is even?


The sum of your digits is 16 The product of your digits is 64 What number are you?


How do you convert 8.08 x 5.232 into the correct of significant figures?

When multiplying, the product is going to have the same number of significant digits as the least amount in the factors. So 8.08 has three significant digits and 5.232 has four significant digits. Remember that any zeros in-between significant digits is always significant. Because the least amount of sig digs in the factors is three (from 8.08), the product is going to have three sig digs.Multiplying out normally: 8.08 × 5.232 = 42.27456Rounded to three places: 42.3

When multiplying significant digits what is the number of digits allowed in an answer?

The least number of significant figures in any number of the problem determines the number of significant figures in the answer.

How many digits can the product of two 2 -digit numbers have?

from 3 digits (10x10) to 4 digits (99X99)

Why is the second partial product greater than the first partial product when you multiply by two 2-digit numbers?

The answer will depend on the order in which you do partial products. It is quite common in the UK for the first partial product to be the two digits in the tens' place and so that is often the largest. This ties in with the method for multiplying two binomials when they move on to algebra.

Find 5 four digit numbers such that the product of the digits of each four digit prime number are also prime?

You had me until "product." The product of 4 digits can't be prime.

How many digits can the product of 2-digit numbers have?

If you mean, "What is the largest number of digits possible in the product of two 2-digit numbers" then 99 * 99 = 9801, or 4 digits. Anything down to 59 * 17 = 1003 will have 4 digits.

What even number has digits whose product is ten?

52 is a number whose digits have a product of 10.