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Q: What is the length and width of 10890 square feet?
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What are the length and width measurements on a quarter acre?

The length can be any number that you like, greater than 104.4 feet. Pick any number > 104.4 ft for the length and the width will be (10890 / 104.4) feet

How do you mesure the length and width in square feet?

You don't measure the length and width in square feet. Square feet is an area. You measure the length and width in feet, then multiply them to get the area in square feet.

Formula for square feet?

Length in feet x width in feet = square feet.

What is the formula in getting area in square feet?

Area is length times width. If the length and width are measured in feet, the area will be in square feet.

How many miles in 10890 square feet?

A mile is a unit of distance whereas a square foot is a unit of area. Now the proper question is. How many square miles in 10890 square feet? One mile is equal to 5280 feet. So taking the formula for area (Area= Lenght x Width) we calculate that 1 square mile is 5280 ft x 5280 ft which equals 27878400 square feet. So taking this we get use 10890 / 27878400 = 0.000390625 square miles. = =

How do you determine square feet with width and length?

Square feet is a measure of area. To figure out how many square feet there are in a square or rectangle, you would simply multiply the width by the length.For example, if the width is 5ft and the length is 7 ft, then the area would be 5x7 = 35 square feet.

How do you calculate ft into sq ftthanks?

In feet: Width x Length = Square Feet In inches: (width x length) /144= Square Feet

Squarefeet is length plus width?

No, square feet it length x width!

Feet to square feet?

Length X width

What is the length and width of 80 acres squared?

A square with an area of 80 acres has a length and width of 1,867 feet. The diagonal length of the square is 2,640 feet.

How many cubic feet in square feet of stone?

Square feet is length x width and is given in square feet. Cubic feet is length x width x depth and is given in cubic feet.

How big is 350 square feet in length and width?

to calculate square feet its width X length 10x35 =350 or 20x17.5 =350