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Approximately 5/16 inch between each full size. (Womens Size 8 = 9 11/16 inches and Size 9 = 10 inches)

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Q: What is the length difference between shoe sizes 8 and 9?
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What the difference between child and junior shoe sizes for girls?

the sizes

What is the difference between men and boys shoe size?

The difference between men and boys' shoe sizes is the number of the size. Men's shoe sizes generally start at number 6 and can be as high as 30. Boy's shoe sizes start at 0 and go up to the number 6. The average size shoe for men is 9.

How do shoe sizes compare to actual foot length?

16 cemiter

What is the difference between guys and girl shoes size?

I don't know about children's shoe sizes, but for adults, it is two sizes different. For example, if a woman wears a size 7 shoe, then she would wear a size 5 in men's shoes.

How do boys shoe sizes convert to mens?

Boy's shoe sizes convert to men's shoe sizes after the size 13. The way in which the feet convert is by the width and the length. The width is measured with a letter. The higher the letter in the alphabet the wider your feet. The higher the number the longer.

What is the average shoe sizes for a NBA basketball player?

The average shoe sizes for a basketball player in NBA is between size 14 to 15.

What size is 9.5 men's shoes in women's shoes?

A men's 9.5 sized shoe converts to a women's 11.5 sized shoe. Shoe sizes between men and women usually differ by 2 sizes. To do shoe size conversions find the shoe size of the shoe, then add or subtract 2 sizes depending on if its a women's or men's shoe.

How do you convert Australian shoe sizes to American shoe sizes?

American shoe sizes are a 1/2 size smaller

How do you convert Colombian shoe sizes to American shoe sizes?

American shoe sizes are a 1/2 size smaller

What is the length of a shoe in metric?

It depends on the size of the shoe. Male, female and children have different sizes. For instance, a UK male size of 8 is a 9 in the USA.

What is the difference between jordans and jays?

There is not much of a difference between Jordan's and Jay's. One is a running shoe the other is a jumping shoe.

Comparison between Indian shoe size and US shoe sizes?

U can find the sizes by using the above link...If u want to compare the sizes of women just click on the women and one chart will open..