What is the length of a hall?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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There is no standard size for a hall.

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Q: What is the length of a hall?
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What is the length of a school hall?

30 cm

How much carpet is needed to cover a hall 25m x 25m?

To cover a hall of 25mx25m is 625 sq m As area of hall is calculated by length x breadth which is nothing but same length is there it is nothing but a square

How do you calculate total sq ft of a hall?

By multiplying its length to its width. Area= length x width

How do you determine the square footage of a Banquet Hall?

It depends on which shape the Banquet Hall is, but most are rectangular, so you would just measure the length of the room and multiply it by the width of the room.

What length was the gash that the iceberg cut into the hall of the Titanic?

There was no gash but the plates were buckled (rivets popped) for 258 feet.

What are the length and width of a of a rectangular hall whose perimeter is 74 meters and whose length is 5 meters more than its width?

Width: 16 meters Length: 21 meters Check: 16+21+16+21 = 74 meters which is its perimeter

How much is a sports hall floor 25m x 15m?

The area of the floor: 25 m length and 15 m width is 375 m2.

How tall is the independence hall?

The hall measures 106 feet and 10 ½ inches in length; it is 44 feet and 7 ¼ inches in width. The highest point of the building is the top of the steeple spire which is 168 feet and 7 ¼ inches off of the ground.

The length of the scale model of the hall is 95 cm Work out the real length of the hall Give your answer in meters?

as this question is continuation of another usin results of previous question that is 12m = 1200 cm 1200cm / 30 cm = 40 1:40 so we can write 95cm * 40 = 3800 cm 3800 cm = 38 m (which is the required answer) by Hanny Tufail

The length and breadth of hall are in the ratio of 43 and its height is 5.5m the cost of decorting its wall including windows and doors at 6.60per meter square is rs 5082 find length and breadth?

Firstly, let's fond out now many square metres the decorators are working with 5082/6.60 = 770 Now, the eight = 5.5 so we'll work out the length by 770 / 5.5 = 140 So, four sides of a hall add up to 140, so two add up to 70. The relationship between the sides = 4 : 3, which when applied to 70 gives a length of 40 and a breadth of 30.

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