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Q: What is the length of a paper clip in decimeter?
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What is the customary unit of length that is about the same size of a paper clip?


Which has a length of about 1 decimeter arm or crayon or paper clip or big toe?

Big toe

What is length of a small paper clip?

The Length of a small paper clip is about 1 cm long.

Length of a paper clip?

The length of a paper clip is 1 & 3/8 inches long (Jumbo)

What is the length of a paper clip in decimeters?


Volume of a paper clip?

Think of a paper clip as a cylinder that has been bent into a specific shape. Determine the volume of the cylinder, and you have the volume of the paper clip. So, the area of the end of the cylinder x length of the cylinder = volume of the paper clip.

What is the length of a paper clip?

like 10 cm long

What SI unit is used to measure the length of a small paper clip?

Use centimeters or millimeters.

What are the dimensions of a paper clip?

It generaly depends on the type of paper clip. I have a bag of small paper clips that are 3cm (length) by .5cm (height) by .05cm (width)

What is the length of a large paper clip?

like 10 cm long

What would you measure with a decimeter?

Decimeter unit length in the metric system. 1 decimeter is equal to 0.1 meters. Decimeter is used less in length measurements.

What is a better conductor copper or a paper clip?

The answer depends on the material used to make the paper clip, the purity of the copper, the temperature, the thickness of both of the materials, the length of the copper and the paper clip, and a variety of other factors. Generally, copper is a better conductor than the paper clip.

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