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"784 inches area" is meaningless.

If the area is 784 SQUARE inches, then each side

of the square is 28 inches long.

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Q: What is the length of a square of 784 inches area?
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Diagonal measure of 28ft x 28ft square?

Square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other 2 sides. Therefore 28*28 + 28*28 =784+784 =1568. Square root 1568 = 39.598ft or 39ft 6and 17-20ths inches. Or just over 39ft 6and threequarters inches.

If a square classroom has 784 square feet what is the length of each side?

28 feet.

How many square feet are in a room 28ft by 28ft?

To find the square feet of a room, you are just finding the area. Area is length times width. So, in a room with dimensions 28 by 28 feet, the square feet is 784.

A square room is 784 square feet what is the length of each side of the room?

The length of each side of the room is: 28 feet.

How many 16x16 tiles in 784 square feet?

Assuming you mean 16x16 inches tiles... 441 tiles would cover the area exactly

If a room is 784 square feet what is the length?

It's impossible to tell without knowing at least one of the sides of the room. However, 784 happens to be the square of 28 (28 x 28 = 784), so I will suggest that as the answer.

When The area of the square is 784 square yards how long is each side?


How many square meters is 784 square feet?

784 square feet = 72.835 square meters.

How many square feet in a 28x28 room?

Just multiply the two numbers to get the area. This is 784 square feet.

The square root of 784?

28 28X28=784

How many square ft is 20x20 meters squared?

Call 20 meters 784 inches. Area in sqinches 614656 I sqft = 144 sqinches so area is 614656/144 ie 4268 and nearly a half sqft

How do you work out this perfect square 784?

28*28 = 784