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Q: What is the length of human being food pipe?
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What is the length of food pipe?

Well the length of the food pipe is about 25-30 cm.

Are the windpipe and food pipe the same in a human being?

No. The wind pipes (one leading to each lung) are called the bronchi. The food pipe, leading to the stomach, is called the esophagus.

Pipe with circumference 6 centimeter and length 20 centimeter and that 10 turns of a wire are wrapped around the pipe. what is the length of the wire?

To find this you need to imagine the pipe slit straight down and rolled out. At this point what you have is 10 right triangles, with the base of the triangle being the circumference of the pipe and the height of the triangle being the height of the pipe divided by the number of wrappings. The hypotenuse then is the length of one wrapping. Multiply that number by the number of wrappings and voila, you have the length of the wire.

What was used as a flag pole on Iwo Jima?

The original flag raising used a length of pipe found nearby, described as being like a natural gas pipe. I have often wondered what a length of gas pipe was doing on top of Mount Suribachi. The original flag pole was a length of water pipe. Water was piped up from the bottom of the mountain to the Japanese hiding inside the mountain.

Why is it necessary to lay out and calculate the length of pipe required for a job?

The length of pipe is required to be known to help procure the required quantity of pipe.

How do you calculate lineal meter of a pipe?

pipe length = 5487mm pipe size = 6inch

Where is the cilla cell found in human bodyneck?

In trachea which is also non as common food and wind pipe

How do you calculate volume of water in a pipe?

measure the radius of the pipe. (half the diameter - the width of the pipe) then measure the length of the pipe. then use the formula pi (3.14) x radius2 x length. the answer is the volume in the pipe

What will be the surface area of pipe if pipe dia is 6 inch and length is 7.5 meter?

Surface area of the pipe: diameter*pi*length but make sure that the diameter and length are both in meters or inches.

How do you find cubic inches in pipe?

-- Measure the radius of the pipe, in inches. -- Measure the length of the pipe in inches. -- The volume of the pipe is (pi) x (radius)2 x (length) cubic inches

How much will a 6 inch pipe carry?

It depends on the length of the pipe.

What stronge ss pipe or black pipe?

Carbon Steel pipe is stronger than stainless steel pipe as there is more iron in the carbon steel. However, the application depends on the purpose the pipe is being installed. Stainless is of course capable of being sanitized and therefore can be used for food and pharmaceutical uses. Carbon Steel (black pipe) is stronger and cheaper but not sanitary.