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There's a rule of thumb for "double your money" problems: Time = 70/interest rate, so in this case approx 7 years.

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Q: What is the length of time required before a 1000000 deposit will double if the interest rate is 10 percent?
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When we use verb require and when we use verb required?

required is the past tense or the past participle of verb require.require / required / required.Use require when making present simple sentences egThey require a ten percent deposit. OR The mechanic requires a ten percent deposit. OR She requires a ten percent deposit etc.Use required when making past simple sentences egThe travels agents required a ten percent deposit. OR He required a ten percent deposit etcUse the past participle required when making present/past perfect sentences egThey have required a ten percent deposit. He has required a ten percent deposit.Last year he had required a ten percent deposit.OR when making a passive sentence egA ten percent deposit is required.

How much interest will you earn in a year on 1000000 at 4 percent per year?

You will earn 1000000*4/100 = 40000.

How much interest will you earn in a year on 1000000 at 2 percent per year?


If you deposit 10000 on 3 percent interest what would it be weekly?


How can find interest percent in Rs100000?

First find out what the interest rate is from the money lender or deposit taker.

What is 44 percent of 1000000?

44 percent of 1000000 = 44000044% of 1000000= 44% * 1000000= 0.44 * 1000000= 440000

What percentage deposit is required to avoid mortgage insurance?

ten percent

What is 30 percent of 1000000?

30 percent of 1000000 = 30000030% of 1000000= 30% * 1000000= 30%/100% * 1000000= 3000000/10= 300000

How much money is ten percent interest?

It's 1/10th of the amount you put in. The more you deposit or invest, the more interest you get.

How much will you get in a year if you deposit 100 dollars with at a 6 percent interest rate?

6 dollars.

Ryan wants to place 700 into a savings account for five years He wants to deposit 400 at 4.0 percent interest and the rest in another account at 6.5 percent interest What would his amount of interest?


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