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Q: What is the length of your shadow at midday?
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If you were standing under a tree when would the shadow of the tree be shortest sunrise midday sunset?


Why do shadows in the southern half of Australia point south at midday?

If the Sun is in the North the shadow will cast in a different direction. The length of the shadow will vary depending on the time of year it is.

When is a shadow longer midday or sunset?


When does the sun cast longest shadow?


When it is the afternoon your shadow will get?

At midday your shadow will be at its shortest as the sun is closer to being overhead and you block less of its light. As the afternoon progresses and it gets further past midday the sun sinks lower in the sky and your shadow gets longer.

What is the length of the shadow at midday?

It's determined by the height (angle above the horizon) of the Sun, and the physical height of the object throwing the shadow. The height of the Sun at midday is 90 degrees minus the latitude plus the Sun's declination of the day, which varies by up to ±23.5 degrees through the year. The length of the shadow is the height of the object divided by the tangent of the Sun's height. Example, a 6 ft object at 50 degrees north on June 21: height of the object is 6 ft, divided by tan(90 - 50 + 23.5) so the shadow has a length of 3 ft.

Are shadows long or short at midday?

They are general their shortest at midday, when the Sun is most directly overhead and your shadow is directly under you.

What is midday on a sundial?

The shortest shadow on a sundial would be afternoon or Middaay

What time of day is a shadow the shortest?

midday - when the sun is directly above you.

When do you see the smallest shadow form and why?

Midday because the sun is right above you.

What is tall in the morning small at midday and tall again at late afternoon?

A shadow.

Is a shadow longer at 9pm or midday?

That largely depends on whether or not the sun is up. If the sun is still out a 9pm, a shadow is much longer, then.

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