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Q: What is the life circle of a lapwing?
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How do you use lapwing in a sentence?

Mother I saw a lapwing today!

Another name for the lapwing bird?

The Northern Lapwing is also known as peewit or pewit, green plover, or simply lapwing.

What is another name for a lapwing?

Other names for a lapwing include peewit and green plover.

How big is a lapwing?

There are many different types of Lapwing. They are typically 20-40 cm long.

Is a lapwing precocial or altricial?

A Lapwing birds are precocial. This means that lapwings are very developed at hatching.

Why is the Lapwing the national bird of Ireland?

The Lapwing is not the national bird of Ireland. There is no official national bird of Ireland.

What is the song at the start of Lion King?

"Nants Ingonyama" followed by "Circle of Life" is the intro song to The Lion King.

Onomatopoeic name for a lapwing?

The answer is PEEWIT

What other name can also be given to the peewee or mud lark?

Lapwing. The Northern-Lapwing (Vanellus vanellus) is a familiar bird on UK farmland.

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The Circle of Life was created in 2005.

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