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the distance from a point on either ray of the angle that is equidistance from the axis of symmetry is the line of symmetry. the line of symmetry dives the angle in half.

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Q: What is the line of symmetry of an angle?
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How much lines of symmetry does a right angle have?

A right angle has one line of symmetry.

What is the smallest angle of Rotational symmetry for a square?

the line of symmetry from the middle

Does the number seven have one line of symmetry?

No. Look 7 the top and bottom are uneven lengths and no matter what angle you put the line of symmetry at, there will still be no proper symmetry line

An angle having equal arms possesses how many lines of symmetry show all the lines of symmetry in such an angle?

It is not possible to show anything using this browser, but the only line of symmetry is the bisector of the angle.

Can you have line of symmetry but not rotational symmetry?

Yes. An isosceles triangle, for example, is symmetric about the bisector of its odd angle but has no rotational symmetry.

Is a right angle triangle symmetrical?

It can have an axis (line) of symmetry, but need not.

What shape is it when it has no line if symmetry and a right angle?

Most shapes have no line of symmetry and no right angle. Look at your hand, feet, face or body (the last two are only nearly symmetrical), the keyboard, the monitor.

How many lines of symmetry does circle have?

I would think there would be an infinite number of lines of symmetry. Any line passing through the center of the circle, regardless of the angle will be a symmetry line.

How many lines of symmetry can you find in a circle?

There are an infinite number of lines of symmetry in a circle, as any diameter will be a line of symmetry and there are an infinite number of angle measure for that line to pass through.

How many axis of symmetry does a right angle triangle has?

It depends. If it is a right isosceles triangle, it has one axis of symmetry (the line which would bisect the right angle). A right scalene triangle has no axis of symmetry.

Lines of symmetry in a right angled triangle?

None normally but if it is a right angle isosceles triangle it will have 1 line of symmetry

What do you call to a line of symmetry of an isosceles triangle?

There is no specific name. It is one of the medians, angle bisectors and perpendicular bisectors: one set of these is coincident and is the line of symmetry.

How many lines of symmetry does a right angle triangle have?

1 its from the "right angle point" on a diagonal to the center of the longest line.None normally but if it's an isosceles right angle triangle it will have 1 line of symmetry.

What is a line of symmetry in a shape?

a line of symmetry in a shape is the line which reflects on the other side of the shape, so you can get the same side onto the other side from an angle! :D I hope that this has helped!

How many line of symmetry you can make for isosceles right angle triangle?


Which of these letters MATHS show angle of rotation?

They all have line symmetry except S

What is an angle of symmetry?

The least angle at which the figure may be rotated to coincide with itself is the angle of symmetry.

What would a z have for a line of symmentry?

z does not have a line of symmetry. z does not have a line of symmetry. z does not have a line of symmetry. z does not have a line of symmetry.

What is the smallest angle of rotatinal symmetry?

None. You can rotate a circle by the smallest possible angle that you can think of and it will be an angle of symmetry. And then you can halve that angle of rotation and still have rotational symmetry. And you can halve that angle ...

What is a rotational line of symmetry?

It is the axis of symmetry which is a line such that a object that is rotated at right angles to it becomes congruent to its original state before the angle of rotation reaches 360 degrees.

What shape has no symmetry line and acute angle?

A scalene triangle would fit the given description if it has 3 different acute angles that add up to 180 degrees.

What shape has at least one right angle and at least one line of symmetry?

An isosceles right angle triangle fits the description

What is line and point symmetry?

Line symmetry = Reflection symmetry. Point symmetry = Rotational symmetry.

Is there symmetry in the capital letter L?

No. An object/image has symmetry if you can draw a straight line through it and both sides are symmetrical (where the image looks the same on both sides of the line of symmetry.) There is no angle that you can place a line on the capital letter 'L' and get symmetrical images.

What is the difference between line symmetry and line of symmetry?

A symmetrical shape is said to have line symmetry. A shape that has line symmetry can have one or more lines of symmetry