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The Prime Meridian runs through the London Borough of Greenwich, meaning it has a longitude of zero degrees. London is approx 51.5° north of the equator.

In summary: 51°32'N, 0°W

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Q: What is the lines of latitude and longitude of London?
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What are the longitude and latitude lines of London England?

51, 32 N, 0, 5 W

The lines that intersect latitude lines on a map are lines of what?

Lines of Latitude encircle the Earth horizontally, and are parallel to the Equator. Lines of Latitude are intercepted by Lines of Longitude. Lines of Longitude run vertically from the North Pole to the South Pole. The Prime Meridian is zero longitude and passes through the Greenwich Observatory, Greenwich, London, England.

Are the lines of Capricorn and cancer lines of longitude or latitude?


What lines are parallel to the equator?

lines of latitude

What is the north-south lines of the grid?

The North/South lines on the geographic grid are named 'Lines of Longitude' or 'Meridians'. The 'Zero' line passes through Greenwich Observatory in London, England. This position was fixed historically, some 350 years ago, by Astronomers and navigators of the day, and has remained so to this day. The 180 degrees line of longitude passes through the Pacific Ocean, and for most of its course it is also the International Date Line.

Are latitude lines called meridian?

Each 'meridian' is a line of constant longitude.

Are the parallel lines on a globe called longitude or latitude lines?


Do latitude lines connect the nprth and south poles?

Lines of latitude encircle the Earth horizontally, parallel to the Equator. Lines of longitude run from pole to pole, with the Prime Meridian (zero longitude) passing through the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, London, England.

Lines of latitude and lines of longitude are perpendicular to?

Every meridian of longitude is perpendicular to every parallel of latitude, and every parallel of latitude is perpendicular to every meridian of longitude.

What are The lines that intercept latitude lines on a map Are lines of what?

The lines that intercept latitude lines are lines of longitude.

What lines are part of a grid system on the map?

Latitude and longitude

Lines of latitude are perpendicular to it?

Lines of Longitude