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The logical topology for a bus topology is the same it is a bus topology

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Q: What is the logical topology for bus topology?
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What are the common logical topologies?

bus topology, ring topology

What is the logical topology used for ethernet architecture?


SONET uses which topology?

SONET use RING physical topology and TOKEN logical topology. As simple as that. Logical topology deals with the data transmission. Physical topology deals with how the network is connected physically , BUS, RING, STAR and the like.

Difference between logical topology and physical topology?

How does the logical topology differ from the physical topology? Can a single physical topology support multiple logical topologies? Answer with proper reasons

Usage of bus topology?

usage of bus topology

Bus topology is the most popular topology justify?

Bus topology is the most popular topology. Justify.

What is a logical network designtopology?

Refers to a user’s view of the way data or systems are organized. The opposite of logical is physical, which refers to the real organization of a system. For example, a logical description of a file is that it is a collection of data stored together. This is the way files appear to users. Physically, however, a single file can be divided into many pieces scattered across a disk.

Can a single physical topology support multiple logical topology?

Yes, a physical topology can support multiple logical topologies.

What are the types of bus topology?

There are two basic categories of network topologies Physical topologies Logical topologies The shape of the cabling layout used to link devices is called the physical topology of the network. Logical topology is the way the signals act in the network In BUS topology you have "THE LINEAR BUS" and "THE DISTRIBUTED BUS" IN the LINEAR bus all the nodes of the network are connected to a common transmission medium which has 2 end points where as in the DISTRIBUTED, all the nodes are connected to a common transmission medium which has more than 2 end points.

What is the fastest topology?

bus topology

What is the logical topology used by FDDI network?

Topology: physical ring of trees, logical ring

A domain is an example of what type of logical network topology?

Domain is client-server logical topology.

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