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Q: What is the main reason for not wearing round garters to hold up stocking?
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Why were roundhouese round?

For a tautological reason! If they were not round then they would not be called roundhouses.

I hate wearing bras why are they so uncomfortable?

It could be because you are wearing the wrong size cup and breadth (round your rib cage) or even it you are wearing under-wired you should maybe be wearing non-wired! Hope it helped :)

What was the true reason for Arthur's round table?

The round table symbolized equality, having no head of the table.

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Why were slaves sent to round up citizens?

Just. There is no reason. :)

What glasses is hank JR wearing in the country boy can survive video?

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What was the reason for Ferdinand Magellan's trip?

To prove he earth/world was round.

What is the main reason for going round the kaaba?

the main reason is so you build up a good appitite and then do a big poo

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They are called super focus starting at 700.00

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What is the reason behind saying that earth is round?

The reason that we say the earth is round is because it is close to being so, or at least is amost spherical. Because of its gravity, earth became round when it formed. And it remains round today, except that is has a bit of a "bulge" in the middle (at the equator) because it is spinning about its axis of rotation. (The term usually used is oblate spheroid.)

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