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3962 -1162 = 2800 which is dealer cost

markup % = (3962/2800 - 1) times 100 to get percent = 41.5%

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Q: What is the markup percent on a diamond for which the markup is 1162 and the selling price is 3962?
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What is the selling price if it cost 15 and the percent of markup is 15?

The selling price would be 17.25 if it cost 15 and the percent of markup is 15.

How do you find the percent of markup?

(Selling Price - Cost price)/Selling Price * 100

If the selling price is 18.00 snd the markup is 33 percent what is the dollar markup?


How do you find the selling price of something if the cost is 5.50 and the percent markup is 75 percent?

Multiply by 1.75

A store manager paid 69 for an item and set the selling price at 93.84 What was the percent markup?

36 percent

What is the correct formula when markup is based on selling price?

The correct formula when markup is based on the selling price is selling price is equal to the markup plus the cost. This enables traders make profits.

If the markup formula is 40 percent of cost and the selling price of an item is 49.99 what is the cost?


How do pricing percentage markups work For instance does 100 percent markup double the price Or would that be a 200 percent markup?

100 percent markup will double the price. 200 percent markup would triple the price. (For markup read increase.)

Saud bought a TV set for Rs12000 To make a desired profit he needs a 50 percent markup on selling price What is his Rs Markup?

Saud bought a TV set for Rs.12000. To make a desired profit he needs a 50% markup on selling price. What is his Rs. Markup?

How do you get a cost price and a markup if you know the selling price and profit?

Selling price less profit equals cost price. The markup is the profit plus cost price.

A pair of cuff links which sells for 100.00 has a markup rate of 10 percent on the selling price Find the amount of the markup and the cost?


If a store uses a selling price based markup of 40 percent and an item costs the store 300 what selling price would the store set for the item?


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