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It is a transcendental number, which is a kind of irrational number. It is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter and is approximately 3.14159

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Q: What is the mathematic expression pi?
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What is the billionth digit of pi?

The billionth digit of pi is 9.

The date is 7-22 if you divide 22 by 7 you get an approximation of what tasty-sounding mathematic constant?

Yummy Pi!

What is a mathematic expression?

A mathematical expression is a series of mathematical terms with no equals sign, e.g3x-2y+4is a mathematical expression.You can evaluate a mathematical expression like this,3x+2xbecomes 5x, so what you are effectively doing is simplifying the expression. Hope that helps.

What expression represents the volume of a cylinder whose height is equivalent to the length of the radius?

The volume of a cylinder is PI * R2 * H If H is the same as R, then it is PI * R3 (Or PI * H3)

What is the approximate value for pi as a rational expression?

Pi is about 3.14159265. You can round that to as many or as few significant digits are are appropriate for a particular application.

What is a good expression to find out the diameter of a circle with a circumference of 36 centimeters?

circumference=pi*diameter so diameter=circumference/pi 36/pi=11.4591559

What is the radical expression of 180?

There are pi radians in a half of a circle, or in 180 degrees.

The circumference of circle P is 62.8 inches, and the diameter is 20 inches. What expression represents an approximation for pi?

Pi by definition is simply the ratio C/D = pi where C = 62.8 in and D = 20 in. Plug in the numbers and you can get a value out as far in decimal points as you wish. And that's pi, not an approximation of pi.

Does simplyify mean to subtract?

Not necessarily. To simplify means to replace a mathematic expression with something equivalent, but simpler. This may involve subtracting in some cases, but simplifying may involve other operations as well.

What is the symbolic expression for the circumference of a circle?

The circumference is 2 x pi x radius.

What does the mathematic term pi mean?

It is the circumference of a circle divided by the radius. It is an irrational constant, it cannot be expressed as a fraction so it is represented by a greek letter for simplicity's sake. It is frequently approximated as 3.14, but it has an infinite number of digits.

Which expression gives the volume of a sphere with radius 7?

V = 4/3(PI*73) ≅ 1,436.76 units3

How do you figure the length of a circle?

The circle's length (or circumference) is determined with the expression C=D(pi).

Which expression gives the volume of a sphere with radius 17?

(4/3) x (pi) x (17)3

Which expression gives the volume of a sphere with radius 15?

Volume in cubic units = 4/3*pi*153

How do you evaluate the following expression arccot of the negative square root of three without using a calculator?

since x is negative you use the identity cot-1(x)=tan-1(1/x)+pi. Tan-1(1/-sqrt3) + pi 5pi/6 + pi =pi

Which expression gives the surface area of a sphere with radius r?

Surface area = 4*pi*r2

What is the volume expression of a cone?

pi times 1/3 times the radius squared times the height

What are some thing made by using the mathematic term pi?

Pi (3.14 or 22/7) can be used to find the circumference and area of a circle. {Added} Pi is also vital to harmonic analysis ( of oscillations, vibrations, sound, electrical signals) and to calculations not only of geometrical circles but also of motion in a circle. It forms part of the description of the Radian, the angular measure which relates the angle subtended by an arc directly to its radius.

What is sin pi over 6?

You can calculate that on any scientific calculator. Presumably, for any expression that involves "pi" the angle should be in radians, so be sure to set the calculator to radians first.

Derive the expression for ripple factor of pi filter?

ripple factor:=21/2 /3 *Xc/XL

Decimal in which digits do not show a repeating pattern is called what?

Either terminating (as in 0.25) or non-terminating as in the expression for pi.

What expression gives the volume of a sphere with radius 16?

4/3*Pi*163 = 17,157.28 cubic units

What is the area of a circle?

A=pi*r^2 Or A=pi*(d/2)^2 The area of a circle is determined by squaring the radius, and multiplying this product by pi (approx. 3.1415926, represented by the symbol 'π'). In common mathematical terms, the area of a circle is represented by the expression π(r^2)

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