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There are two possible (and different) answers:

2x + 3y = 12 or 2*(x + 3y)= 12

The first one is (twice a number) increased by (three times another)

The second is twice (a number increased by (three times another)).

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Q: What is the mathematical equation of twice a number increased by three times another is twelve?
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What operation does decreased by indicate?

When a number is decreased by another number subtraction is the mathematical process used. When a number is increased by another number the user added numbers together.

What is the difference between a proportion and an equation?

A proportion is simply a ratio of one number to another. An equation can be any or all of the mathematical operations taking place on numbers or variables.

How do you define variable?

A letter in place of a number used in a mathematical equation.

What is the mathematical equation to convert Celsius to Kelvin?

add 273 to the number

What is a denominator in a mathematical equation?

A denominator is a common part of a mathematical equation. The denominator is found below the line of a fraction. In 1/4, the number 4 is the denominator.

What is the last number in an equation?

There is no answer since the terms of an equation can be written in any order (when in ordinary mathematical domains).

Is a formula an equation that performs calculations on number values in cells?

a formula is an equation that performs mathematical calculations on number values in cells

What is x in mathematical language?

X is a variable in the mathematical language. X could be any number, letter or equation.

What is a sentence that has the term Number sentence?

A number sentence is a mathematical equation, such as 2x6+5x4=32.

How do you do number sentences?

a number sentence is for example.9+9=18 ,any mathematical equation

An equation that performs mathematical calculations on number values in cell is known as?


Example of mathematical phrase to verbal phrase?

what is the mathematical phrase for the verbal phrase the sum of a number and three

What is one mathematical fact about the number 23?

One mathematical fact about number 23 is that number 23 is an odd number. Another mathematical fact about number 23 is that number 23 is prime number.

What is another word for number sentence?


What is 017?

The number 017 can refer to a number of different things. The number can be found enscribed on a pill, it can be used for a mathematical equation, or it can be a deposit number.

A sentence using the word infinite?

Her love for her was infinite.The result of this mathematical equation is an infinite number.

The number x is equal to another number n plus the square root of 3?

In this equation there are the three variables of x,n and √3. In written mathematical form the expression is x = n + √3.

What makes up number sentences?

Sentences made up of numbers; a mathematical equation is a number sentence. pie rocks

What is another name for a number sentence?


What method is use for the equation one quarter of a number increase by 5 what is the number?

"one quarter of a number increased by 5" is an expression. It is NOT an equation. There is, therefore, no method that can be used to determine what the number is.

What is the equation the product of 3 and a number increased by 6 is -24?

3n + 6 = -24

What is algebraic equation for a number that is increased by seven is eleven?

x+7=11 :D

What is a number increased by 10 is greater than or equal to 44 as a equation?


What is the algebraic equation for w increased by twice a number is - w?

2x + w = -w

When number is added to another number it is called?

It is called a sum or an equation

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