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It can be just one more variable. In calculus, both delta and epsilon are used for quantities that can assume arbitrarily small values.

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Q: What is the mathematical meaning of epsilon?
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What does the mathematical term epsilon mean?

By itself, nothing: it all depends on the context. epsilon is a letter of the Greek alphabet which is used in calculus to represent a very small number.

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What is Greek mathematical symbol e?

The greek letter closest to representing the latin letter e is epsilon (ɛ). In math's, epsilon is mainly used to represent very small positive numbers (e.g. when working with proofs), and used as the Levi-Civita symbol (a.k.a. the permutation symbol, used in tensor calculus, sometimes uses upper epsilon E, instead of lower epsilon ɛ). It is also often used in statistics and numerical analysis to represent errors.

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