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It's simply called the "greater than" symbol.

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Q: What is the mathematical name of the greater than sign?
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Related questions

What is the mathematical sentence written with a greater than less than or not equal to sign?

It is an inequality.

What is a mathematical phrase that uses only number and operation signs?

If there is an equal sign, it is called an equation; if there is a less-than, a less-than-or-equal, a greater-than, or a greater-than-or-equal sign, an inequality; if there is none of these, an expression.

What is the name given to the group of mathematical operators for greater than and less than?


What is the mathematical symbol for not less than?

If a is not less than b then a is greater than or equal to b. The symbol for "greater than or equal to " is > with a bar under it -- a combination of the equal sign (=) and the greater than sign (>). In many computer languages you can use >= with no space between for this relation.

What mathematical symbol can you put between 2 and 3 to make a number greater than 2 but less than 3?

A square root sign.

What is the greater than equal to sign?

The greater than or equal to sign is "≥".

This is a mathematical sentence written with a greater than a less than sign or a not equal to sign.?

This is an Inequality Statement.Example : 5 < x : x > 10 : x &ne; -3

What is the sing for greater than?

> is the sign for greater than.< is the sign for less than.

Which means less than and greater than?

The greater than sign is "&gt;" and the less than sign is "&lt;"


The sign 'Greater than' is '&gt;'. The sign 'Less than ( ungreater than)' is '

What is the mathematical symbol for at least?

Here is an example that will show you right away what the symbol is. We want "at least" 3. That means 3 or more So the sign is &ge;. (Greater than or equal to)

What is the greater sign?

The 'greater than' sign is '&gt;'. '&lt;' is the 'less than' sign. If you were to say 'five is greater than 4', you could mathematically present that as '5&gt;4'.

What are the critical features of an inequality?

An inequality must have a greater than sign (&gt;) OR a less than sign (&lt;) OR a greater than or equal to sign (&ge;) OR a less than or equal to sign (&le;).

What does greater than mean?

Greater than (mathematical symbol >) means a value that is larger.

How can you tell when to use the greater than sign and the less than signs and in math?

If the two sides of the equation are unequal, you need the greater than or the less than sign instead of the equal sign. If the left side is less, use the less than sign. Otherwise, use the greater than sign.

Less than or greater than signs?

Less than sign is &lt; Greater than sign is &gt;

Is greater than or equal to a mathematical operator?


What is positive in mathematical terms?

is greater than zero

What are the less than and greater than signs which are labeled?

the less than sign is &gt; the greater than sign is &lt;

What inequality sign no less than?

"No less than" is the same as "greater than or equal": write the greater-than sign, with a line (similar to an underline) underneath.

What sign is for greater than?

greater than is &gt; and less than is &lt;

What is the inequality sign for at least?

The sign is "greater than or equal to" or &ge;

How is the greater than or equal to and the less than or equal to signs alike?

The greater than or equal to sign is &ge; The less than or equal to sign is &le; The arrow head portion of the sign points in a different direction. When comparing two numbers (or mathematical terms), the larger is placed next to the open end of the arrowhead and the smaller is next to the pointed end. EXAMPLE : x &le; 7 : means x is less than or equal to 7. x &ge; 2 : means x is greater than or equal to 2.

What does a greater than sign look like?

In mathematics, when we comparing two values if any of the value has a larger value then the sign greater than is used for differentiating that the value is greater than the another value. &gt; is the greater than sign, as in If x is greater than y,then x&gt;y

How are greater than and less than signs mean?

They mean that the expression to the left of the sign is greater than or less than (as appropriate) the expression to the right of the sign.