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the max speed is 90 km/h

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Q: What is the max speed on a 49.9 cc moped?
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What is the max speed on a 50 cc moped?

terminal velocity on a 50cc moped would be approximately 120mph.(if flung from an airplane) average ground speed of 50cc moped under its own power would be about 14mph

What is the top speed of a 50cc moped?

my 50 cc moped can go 30-35 at top speed

Can you ride a 125 cc moped on Spain's motorway's?

can you ride a 125 cc moped on spain's motorways

Do you need a license for a 48 cc moped in WV?

In the state of West Virginia a 48 cc moped requires a licensed driver. A 48 cc moped does not usually exceed 30 mph.

Do you need a license for moped under 50 cc?

in pa. do you need a motorcycle licence for a 50 cc moped

Where can I find a Wiring diagram for 50cc moped?

WHere can I find out how to put a moped enginge and all on a 50 cc moped?

What CC requires a motorcycle license in NY?

it's not based on CC it's based on max speed

How many cc's do electric bikes have?

e-bikes max speed 50 cc !" no need license :)

When you are 16 what CC of moped can you drive?

by federal regulation a moped is 50cc or less. in my state you can drive any size moped with a regular vehicle permit

What cc is a Yamaha FS1E motorbike?

The FS1-E is the UK model of the Yamaha moped FS1. The FS1, originally built as a five-speed transmission but downtuned with a four-speed transmission due to European regulations, has a 49 cc single cylinder.

What is the capacity of most of the moped in India?

150 cc

Speedfight 2 silver sport?

The Speedlight 2 Silver Sport is a moped that is produced and marketed by the Peugeot Motor company. The moped comes with a 50 cc or a 100 cc motor.

What is the difference between a 50cc and 150cc moped?

Which is faster and how much faster ,50 cc or 150 cc

What is the max speed on a 200cc motorcycle?

A 200 cc motorcycle should do around 75 mph.

What does 50 cc mean to a moped?

Engine size in cubic centimeters.

Can a 14 year old drive a moped legally?

It depends on how many "cc" it has. If the moped if under 50cc than yes it's legal, but if the moped is over 50cc than no, is's illegal.

Do you have to have a drive license to drive a moped in NC?

Only if it is over 50 cc.

Can you drive a moped in New York state without a licence?

I just spent 20 minutes on the phone with the NY State police to find this answer. The reply I got was that you NEED a class D drivers license to drive any moped no matter the cc or speed..... Sucks, doesn't it?

How old do you have to be to ride a moped in pa?

you must have a valid motorcycle license if the moped is over 50 cc's. you must be at least 16 with a valid drivers license if it is less that 50cc's.

How fast will a 150 cc moped go?

Mopeds and scooters are two different things entirely.A two-stroke 150cc moped would have awesome acceleration and would be able to pop wheelies at almost any speed. These things don't exist. To be a moped I think the vehicle has to be 50cc or less.The four-stroke, more pedestrian scooters (like the 150cc gy6) have a maximum speed, out of the box, between 50-60 MPH.

Does Oklahoma require a motorcycle endorsement for mopeds and scooters?

If the scooter or moped is under 50 cc no

Is your 150cc scooter street legal in South Carolina?

is a 150 cc moped legal in sc

How fast does a moped motor goes?

This really depends on the model and manufacturer of the moped. But in general, most mopeds will not go real fast, because they have extremely small engines [50 cc or less in general] and were originally designed as bicycles with small engines to assist them. They are not built for speed usually, because most laws require them to go under a certain speed to be moped legal, meaning you don't need a special motorcycle license do operate them. They also usually do not have a transmission, which really limits their maximum speed. The average moped will top out at around 30 MPH. This is really slow, but it is okay for the bike lane in the city. But some mopeds are pretty fast, for example, the Yamaha FS1E which had a 4 speed manuel shift transmission can top out at around 55 mph, which is very fast on a moped.

Do you mix oil into the gas for a 1979 Yamaha qt50 50cc moped?

In most cases you should not mix oil into the gas of your 1979 Yamaha 50 cc moped. This type of moped had its own oil reservoir. If it is not marked on the gas You do not need to oil with the gas.

Do you have to take a theory test to ride a 50 cc moped?

yes b/c you need to get a lisense