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There is no official BSA answer. It is between you and your Scoutmaster.

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Q: What is the maximum amount of merit badges you can earn a one time?
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How many required merit badges are needed for Star?

To earn Star Scout in the Boy Scouts of America, you must earn six merit badges, including any four from the required list for Eagle Scout.

What sportsday events are merit badges given as rewards?

There are many sportsday events that give merit badges as rewards. Some of the best places where one could earn merit badges as rewards would be sports events like American football games.

How many merit badges does it take to earn an eagle scout award?


Can Boy Scouts earn merit badges at home?

yes but they do the requirements found in the merit badge book and then find a councler for that badge

Do the Girl Scouts offer merit badges in art?

Girl Scouts do not call them "merit" badges. Girl Scouts earn badges and other awards. And yes, Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) offers badges for various areas of the Arts such as painting, drawing, pottery, or comic artist.

Are there any Scouting organizations where adults can earn Merit Badges?

There's the Baden-Powell Service Association.

What are the cub scout badges?

Merit badges are awards earned by Boy Scouts based on activities within an area of study. The purpose of the merit badge program is to allow Scouts to examine subjects to determine if they would like to further pursue them as a career or avocation. As of April 2011 there are 126 merit badges. A Boy Scout needs a minimum of 21 to earn Eagle Scout.

How can you use merit in a sentence?

"Applicants to these colleges are admitted strictly on the basis of academic merit." "The poorly written thesis did not merit consideration for the award." "Boy Scouts earn Merit Badges for successful study and application of skills."

How many merit badges are required for Eagle Scout?

As of October 2012 there are 130 merit badges offered. This is an unusually high number as they historically have sought to keep the number around 100, retiring some when introducing new ones. For a list of them with links to the requirements see the related link.

Are merit badges reqired to move on to the next rank?

Merit badges are not required for the ranks up to First Class. After that, six are required for Star Rank, 5 more for Life Rank and a total of 21 are required to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

What is a merit badge college in Boy Scouts?

It is a day that scouts can earn up to 2 merit badges, depending on prerequisites. This is usually held within council or districts, and not by troops.

How many Boy Scouts have earned all available merit badges?

The number of merit badges in the Boy Scouts of America has varied from as few as 34 to as many as 132. There are over 150 Scouts as of 2011 who are known to have earned all available merit badges. The BSA does not maintain records of achievement in this area, but the Merit Badge Achievers Registry[linked] does research this.Known achievements:The first known Scout to earn all available merit badges was Leon Wallace who earned 34 merit badges in 1922.The most was by Gary Pike who earned 132 merit badges in 1932.The family with the most achievers: Ryan Pugh (119 in 1979), Roger Pugh (119 in 1981) and Troy Pugh (126 in 1985) of Ferndale, WA.