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2 ft would be the maximum.

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Q: What is the maximum height recommended for waste outlet for a kitchen sink?
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Height of kitchen outlet box above counter top?


What is the standard height of an outlet?

Most electrician use the height of an electrician's hammer to mark the bottom of an outlet box. That height is 18 inches.

What is the standard height of outlet?

Most electrician use the height of an electrician's hammer to mark the bottom of an outlet box. That height is 18 inches.

How can I hook up my dryer in a regular outlet?

If there isn't a power outlet in reach of the unit you have two options. Call an electrician to install an outlet or call a carpenter to redesign your kitchen so that there is one near (basically move the dryer). Extension cables are not recommended for permanent use in kitchens.

Do IKEA outlet sells kitchen scale?

no they actually don't.

Within a carburetor the velocity of air is maximum at?


What is height of ac outlets?

the height will depend on local building codes' requirements and also what time of outlet (ground, countertop for kitchen and bath, and ceiling such as in garage doors). Typically wall outlets are 16 inches on center from the finish floor.

Can you use a 125V appliance in a 120V outlet?

No problem what so ever. The 125 volt rating on the appliance is the maximum amount of voltage that is recommended for the appliance. This recommendation is set by the manufacturer of the appliance.

What is this outlet in your kitchen it is round with many holes?

If it's an outlet that's round with many holes it is probably the drain in the sink.

What is a convenience outlet?

A convenience outlet is any outlet that is in a convenient location for its use. An example would be kitchen counter receptacles. Receptacles that are located behind appliances or equipment are not classed as a convenience outlet.

What is the maximum distance an outlet can be from a bedroom door?

6 feet

Can you plug a 110Voltage appliance into a 125Voltage outlet?

Yes. The higher rating of the outlet is just a maximum voltage specification.

What is the height of an outlet above a kitchen counter top in standard measurement?

6 inches above the counter is good. Counters are 36 inches high, so 42 inches to the bottom of the box.

What is a recommendable online shoe outlet?

A highly recommended online shoe outlet is called Zappos. They offer a wide range of different shoes available for men, women, and children. The Nike website also a highly recommended online shoe outlet.

What is the height of an electrical outlet for a refrigerator?

The height isn't specified in the Code but 36 inches above the floor is a good height.

What is the maximum spacing of devices in residential?

There must be an outlet a maximum of every 12 feet. Any wall over 2 ft long except behind a door must have an outlet.


For a light switch in the home four foot to centre is a reasonable height. Some contractors set the outlet box at four foot to the bottom of the outlet box and other contractors set the box to four foot to the top of the outlet box. There is no code rule that stipulates the exact height that the outlet box must be set to.

Can you plug 115 v plug in to 110 outlet?

Yes, the 115 volt rating on the plug is the maximum amount of voltage allowed on the plug and the 110 volts from the outlet is well under that maximum voltage.

Where can I find inexpensive kitchen cabinets?

There are a couple of pretty good kitchen cabinet outlet stores online. You can start by checking out, and

What is the problem if an outlet in the dinning room reads 145 volts and a outlet in the kitchen reads 79 to 81 volts?

My outlets have 132 volts in the kitchen! And 130 at the shop witch is 300 ft away ! Is this to much ! And transformernot cutting enough

How far from kitchen sink can a switched receptacle be?

An electrical outlet can not be placed behind a sink. If the outlet is witin 6 feet of a sink it must be GFI protected.

Does the mini-fridge require a standard electrical outlet?

This Kitchen Aid mini fridge is rated as an energy saving device and does require a standard electrical outlet.

What is the height for a wall electrical outlet?

12 inches to the top of the box from the floor.

What is convenience outlet?

It is a wall outlet - usually a dual 120 v outlet about 1 foot off the floor. They can also be installed about 4 foot off the floor over kitchen cabinets or laundry rooms.

Where can you purchase island hoods for your kitchen?

You can purchase island hoods for your kitchen from stores such as Lowes. Alternatively, you can also purchase these items online from stores such as Sears Outlet.