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Any number of sides of 5 and above because all interior angles of regular polygons in this category will have obtuse interior angles.

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Q: What is the maximum number of sides a polygon can have if each interior angle is obtuse?
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Related questions

Is there a maximum number of obtuse exterior angles a polygon can have?

Yes, there is a maximum number. Recall that the sum of the exterior angles is 360 degrees regardless of what kind of polygon it is. Since an obtuse angle is and angle that is greater than 90 degrees, four of them would be greater than 360 degrees so we could not have that in a polygon. Therefore, the maximum number of obtuse angles is 3.

An interior angle of a regular polygon is found to be 108 degrees What is the regular polygon called?


How many obtuse angle does a irregular polygon have?

This depends on the polygon.For a triangle (3-sides) : maximum 1 obtuse angle.Quadrialteral (4-sides): maximum 3 obtuse angles.For polygons with more sides, it is possible for all angles to be obtuse.

What shape has the most obtuse angle?

A regular polygon of n sides (where n > 4) has n obtuse angles. Since there is no limit to the number of sides that a polygon can have, there can be no limit to the number of obtuse angles in a shape.

What is the name of the polygon with the smallest number of sides a regular polygon with obtuse angles can have?


What shape has the smallest number of sides a regular polygon with obtuse angles can have?

An obtuse triangle has 3 sides.

What polygon doesn't have at least one interior angle that is right or obtuse?

The answer to this would be any acute polygon, such as an equilateral triangle. The definition of acute polygons is that no angle in the polygon is greater than or equal to 90 degrees.

What is the smallest number of sides a regular polygon with obtuse angles can have?


What is the name for the maximum number of obtuse angles a triangle can have?

A triangle can have only one obtuse angle

What is the maximum number of obtuse angles a triangle can have?


What polygon has interior angles that are all obtuse?

octagon, trapezoid, pentagon...* * * * *Not true.A trapezium (or trapeziod) must have at least one acute angle.Any regular polygon with 5 or more sides has all obtuse angles. However, an irregular polygon can always have one or more non-obtuse angles (acute, right or even reflex).

Interior angle of a polygon has a measure of 140?

It could be an obtuse triangle. If it were a regular polygon then each of its external angles would be 180 -140 = 40 degrees. The sum of the external angles of any polygon is 360 degrees. So if each is 40 degrees, there must be 360/40 = 9 of them. So the polygon is a nonagon, BUT ONLY IF IT IS A REGULAR POLYGON.

What 3 sided polygon has one obtuse angle?

An obtuse triangle.

What is a shape with no congruent sides and one of it's angles is obtuse?

An obtuse scalene triangle would fit the given description

What polygon has all sides congruent but not angles?

It is a rhombus that has 4 equal sides with 2 equal acute and 2 equal obtuse interior angles that add up to 360 degrees.

Is a obtuse triangle a polygon?

no, its a rectangle

What is the sum of the interior angles of a obtuse triangle?

The sum of the interior angles of an obtuse triangle as with all triangles is 180 degrees.

What is a scalene and obtuse triangle?

A scalene triangle has 3 unequal acute interior angles An obtuse triangle has 1 obtuse and 2 unequal interior angles

Name a regular polygon whose interior angles are all obtuse?

isogon: 20 sides proof: 180(n-2)/n 180(18)/20 3,240/20 162 Thus, each angle is 162 degrees, which is greater that 90 making it obtuse.

What is the definition for Obtuse triangle?

a triangle that contains an obtuse interior angle

What is the difference between an acute triangle and an obtuse triangle?

An acute triangle has three interior acute angles An obtuse triangle has one obtuse and two acute interior angles

Are the angles in an octagon obtuse?

Yes the interior angles of a regular octagon are obtuse.

How many obtuse are in hexagon?

In a regular hexagon there are 6 obtuse interior angles.

What are the different kinds of polygons and their interior angle?

Polygons can be classified in a number of ways. A convex polygon is one in which a straight line joining any two points inside the polygon lies wholly inside the polygon. One consequence is that all its interior angles are less than 180 degrees. A concave polygon is one in which at least one angle is a reflex angle (> 180 deg). Generally, a polygon may be assumed to be convex unless otherwise specified. A regular polygon is one in which all the sides are of equal length AND all the angles are of equal measure. An irregular polygon is one in which at least one side is of a different length from the others OR at least one angle is of a different measure from the others. Polygons can have three or more sides. There is no limit to the number of sides that a polygon may have. The interior angle of a polygon is pre-determined only if it is regular. In a regular polygon with n sides, each interior angle has a measure of 180*(n-2)/n degrees. A regular triangle [equilateral] is acute angled; a regular quadrilateral [square] is right angled and all other regular polygons are obtuse angled.

What is a Polygon with no acute or right angles?

All obtuse angles is impossible- the sides wouldn't connect. If it has one (the most it could have), it is classified as obtuse _______ (name of polygon ex. triangle, hexagon, etc)