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Q: What is the meaning of L square?
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What is the uses of l-square?

uses of l-square

Why does the area of a square come out different from the area of a rectangle?

A square is a special form of a rectangle where Length = Width. So L*W for a square would be L*L = L^2 where L is the length of a side.

Mr Miller wants the garden to have an area of 36 square yards draw two garden designs?

assume the symbol _ = 1yard _ _ _ _ _ _ l l l l l l l l l l l_ _ _ _ _ _l a 6x6 rectangle = 36 square yards or _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ a 9x4 rectangle=36 square yards l l l l l l l_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _l

What is the length of a rectangle if the diagonal and height are given?

If d is the diagonal and h is the height Let, l=length of rectangle we have By pythagrous theorem d square= l square + h square therefore l square= d square - h square

What is L square?

It's the carpenter's square

What is the Meaning cube?


What is the length of each side of a square if the area of the square is doubled?

A=L(squared) (for a square only) Lets say our original square is L=2 then area is A=4 so if we double the Area A=8 then l=? L=square root of 8 therefor what ever your area is the Length of each side is the square root of the Area (on the first problem) square root of 4 is 2 therefor L is 2 Makes sence?

What is the figurative meaning cube?

it is square

Is there a formula for finding the length of a square with only the area?

Yes, if it is a square the Area=A=l2 where l is the length and If you are given the area, then l=square root (A)

What is the Hidden Meaning for the L L A?

all scrambled

What is multiply a number by its square?

You will get the cube of the number; L x L x L = L^3

What are some gta lcs cheats?

health cheat up,square,square,down,left,square,square,right never wanted l,l,triangle,r,r,x,square,circle