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Real numbers are numbers that exist from negative infinity to positive infinity and everything in between. real numbers consist of every number you are used to. Imaginary numbers are numbers that aren't used in conventional math (such as i)

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Q: What is the meaning of Real in math?
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What is the Meaning of power in math?

the meaning of power in math is there are no rules in math

What is the greek meaning of math as in polymath?

It derives from the word math-itis meaning ''student of''.

How did Isaac Newton's knowledge change math as we know it today?

Because he helped us to relize the real meaning of gravity!

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What does real-life problems mean in math?

it means when you have a real life problem that is relate to math.

What is the meaning of How can you do new math with an old math mind?

math is a really fun thing to do

Is math fictional?

nope math is real, but is an abstract concept

What is the meaning of delta in math?

Typically, delta means "change in" in math.

What is math meaning?

math is a brain teaser that helps you to think hard

What is the meaning of intersection in math?

Crossing, the same meaning that it has generally.

Is banana a real math term?

No it is not.

What is 7.5 in math?

A real number

What is the math meaning for dL?

I don't know about math, but in physics and chemistry its a deciliter

How did math get its name?

Math comes from the Greek language, meaning learning or science.

Is coolmath real?

yes,it is real it is a website that does not have any math in it 99 percent of it is games only one percent of it is math

What is a real life example of translation in math?

A real life example of a translation in math is a person sliding down a slide.

What is a math term that has both a math and a non math meaning?

double penatration (flip thing

Is the math they use on the television show numbers real or fiction?

Real. A math professor from Cal Tech serves as an adviser, helping to ensure that the math is authentic, accurate, and realistic.

What is the meaning of legend in math term?


What does interpret mean in math?

Explain what meaning of ...

What is the meaning major subject?

Math and science

The meaning of the math word problem?

To solve

What is anther math meaning of slide?


Where did Dr John Math invent math symbols?

Dr John Math is not a real person. A lot of math symbols come from the greek.

Where are real numbers used?

Real numbers are used everywhere. They are used in the work area, at home, and even in fiction. Real numbers, are a part of math, and math is everywhere.