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the number being multiplied

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Q: What is the meaning of multiplier in mathematics term?
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What is the meaning of chronometer in mathematics?

Chronometry is a physical term and is the measurement of time.

What is the meaning of term in mathematics?

It's not very easy to tell you the meaning but an example of a term would be: 2x + 5, the 2x and the 5 are the terms of the expression. I hoep that helped.

What is the exact meaning or explanation for term indeterminate in mathematics?

indeterminate means cannot be determined or unsolvable

What item is used as both a distance multiplier and a speed multiplier?

The item used as both a distance multiplier and a speed multiplier in mathematics is the unit of a "mile." It is a unit of length that can be used to measure distances, and it is also commonly used in calculating speed where it is combined with time to measure the distance traveled over a specific time period.

What is the meaning of mathematics by each letters?

Meaning of mathematics every letter

What is the meaning of the term googal in mathematics?

In mathematics, a googol is the number expressed by the digit one followed by a hundred zeroes. There is actually no mathematical significance to the number other than for comparison.

The multiplier of a variable?

The term coefficient is often used to mean multiplier of a variable. So if we have 3x+3, then 3 is the coefficient of x.

What is the product of numbers?

In mathematics, the product of two numbers is the answer to the multiplication sum. In any multiplication sum: multiplier x multiplicand = product For example, 6 x 3 = 18, 6 is the multiplier, 3 is the multiplicand, and 18 is the product.

What is tagalog term of mathematics?

Mathematics in Tagalog would be "Matematika".

What is the native tagalog term of mathematics?

Tagalog Translation of MATHEMATICS: Sipnayan

What does the term 'proportional' refer to?

The term "proportional" is used to denote a relationship between two things with respect to their size. In mathematics the meaning is that two quantities have the same or a constant ratio or relation.

What does bedmaths stand for?

There is no commonly known acronym or meaning for "bedmaths." It could be a made-up term or a typo.