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Scientific notation is a compact way of writing very large and very small numbers.

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Q: What is the meaning of scietific notation?
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What is 95.2 in scietific notation?


What is the scietific notation of 27000?

2.7 x 104

What is 33900000000 in scietific notation?

3.39 x 1010

What is 003751 in scietific notation?

It is: 3.751*10^3

What is 0005702 in scientific notation?

0005702 is the same as 5702 and in scietific notation is 5.702*103

What is the scietific notation of 29?

29 = 2.9 x10^1

What is 1.5x10-4 in scientific notation?

It is alfeady in scietific notation and 1.5*10-4 = 0.00015

What is the scientific notation of 210 000 000?

210,000,000 in scietific notation is 2.1*10^8

What is the scietific notion for 5098000?

In scientific notation it is: 5.098*10^6

What is 0.00000238 in scietific notation?

0.00000238 = 2.38 x 10^-6

What is the scietific notation of 0.000002505?

The scientific notation of 0.000002505 is 2.505 x 10^-6.

How do you convert 5.7x104 in to scientific notation?

5.7 x 104 This is already in scietific notation. No need to align it further.