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For line segments, or angles, it means they have the same measure. For more complicated geometric shapes, for example triangles, quadrilaterals, etc., it means that all corresponding sides and angles have the same measures.

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Q: What is the meaning of the congruent?
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Are no hexagons are congruent?

Nope. They can be any shape or size meaning they CAN be congruent.

What is the meaning of congruent segment?

Congruent Segment If They Have the same or equal Measures.. posted by:

Are diagonals in isosceles triangles congruent?

yea an isosceles has perfect angles 45-45-90, thus meaning congruent.

What is the meaning of hypothenuse leg congruence?

If the hypothenuse and leg of one triangle are congruent to the hypothenuse and leg of another triangle, then the triangles are congruent.

What is the meaning of congruent circle?

2 circles that intersect each other

Does congruent mean equal?

More or less, yes. It has a specific geometric meaning, but you can consider it (informally) as meaning "equal".

What is a word meaning having the same size and same shape?

They are said to be congruent

Does a rectangle have two pairs of congruent triangles?

A rectangle has two pairs of congruent (meaning identical) sides.If, however, you drew two lines diagonally from corner to corner, you would have two pairs of congruent triangles within the rectangle.

What is another name for an equilateral triangle?

an equiangular triangle meaning all the angles are equal or congruent measures

What makes a congruent rectangle congruent?

The answer depends on what it is supposed to be congruent to!

Is a rectangle and a trapezoid congruent?

no there are not congruent..........congruent means same in which there not

What is the opposite of congruent?

Non-congruent or incongruent is the opposite of congruent.