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the sum in maths is the anwer you get when you add everything together

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Q: What is the meaning of the sum in maths?
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What does the meaning of the term sum in maths?

Sum is synonymous to addition. For example, the sum of 5 and 5 is 10.

What does the phrase more than the sum of its parts mean?

If there's some other meaning that is separate from maths, then I don't know it, but the maths answers is; if you add each digit of a number together (in 125 you would do 1+2+5)then you have the sum of its parts

What is the hardest mathamatical sum in the world?

the hardest maths sum is the question 6 of the 1988 maths olympiad

What do they mean by sum in maths?


Maths what is the sum for 326 and 49?


What does the sum mean in maths?

it means to add or +

What does sum mean in maths?

Sum means add together. Eg: The sum of two and six is eight.

How do you quarter in a maths sum?

by halving it and then halving it again

Other words for addition in maths?

Sum or summation

What is the sum of 9 5 and 10 IN MATHS?


When would someone use a math sum?

During maths.

What is the meaning of decrease in maths?


What is the meaning of summing?

of Sum

What does ne mean in maths?

the sum off all the values divided by nxe

What does the perimeter mean in maths?

The length around a flat figure or the sum of its sides.

How is maths used in kingdom hearts 2?

Synthesis. 2 of something, plus 1 of something, plus 3 of something equals sum!! Maths

Why mathematics is important to everyday life?

because u use maths everyday. you look at the clock and read the time, that is maths. u buy sumthing from the shop and u use money. that is maths. and you go to school or work, there is bound to be sum sort of maths in there.

What is the meaning of mode in maths?

mode in maths means most common number (usually in a sequence) kofie2468

Why did they called maths maths?

Math is short for Mathematics. It comes from an Ancient Greek root, meaning "to learn."

How do you say sum in french?

a sum is 'une somme' in French. If you mean sums in a maths lesson, it would be - les opérations.

Is there a different meaning to ML?

no but the meaning of it means MATHS LEGEND like me and my dad

What does addition mean in maths?

Add/plus/sum of. For example 2 + 2 = 4

What is 3 letter word used for maths operation?

It could be either 'sum' or 'add'.

What does the mean indicate in maths?

The mean is the average obtained by the sum of many there are divided by how many there are.

What is the meaning of gross in maths terms?

A gross is 144.