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Q: What is the meaning of this quote having nothing nothing he can lose?
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What are the positives or negatives of having a vegetarian diet?

A posistive from this is that you are able to lose weight but a negetive is not being able to eat your favourite meats.

Why does a potato not gain or lose mass in a 4 percent concentrated salt solution?

Because the environment is Isotonic (having the same or equal osmotic pressure).

What would be lost if the national debt is expressed in scientific notation what information would be lost in such a usage?

Nothing would be lost. If the US national debt is written as 1.7292*1013 dollars, then in theory, you lose the numbers below a billion dollars. But in fact you do not lose that information because by the time you read this answer, the figures at that level will probably have changed!

What does 42 mean?

42 is the international symbol for the meaning of life. this is the symbol, because the meaning of life has no real value, because if we did happen to know the meaning of life, then life would lose it's purpose, because it's purpose would have already been done. In short, you don't want to know, and if you do, then good luck (if there are any further questions, please direct them to the movie "A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy". It can't do you wrong.) ;-)

Why people think committing suicide cures all their problems?

Some people just lose all hope in everything. They feel like nothing is right and nothing will ever be okay, they feel that life is pointless and that they will always suffer. A lot of times, people who commit suicide have depression which could be treated. People commit suicide for all different reasons

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What does having nothing nothing can he lose mean?

The concept is that if a person has nothing to lose anymore, then there is nothing holding him or her back from what he or she is about to do. A person with nothing to lose is likely to put forth all of his or her effort or stake because of this.

What were the rules of the rumbles?

Quote from book: "Let's get the rules straight-nothing but our fists, and the first to run lose, Right?"

What were the rules of the rumble?

Quote from book: "Let's get the rules straight-nothing but our fists, and the first to run lose, Right?"

Do you lose a bit of your eyesight power if you take out your wisdom teeth?

I have never heard of that happening. As far as I know, eyesight has nothing to do with you having or not having your wisdom teeth.

When was Nothing to Wish For - Nothing to Lose - created?

Nothing to Wish For - Nothing to Lose - was created on 2010-03-01.

Who said it doesn't matter if you win or lose?

The correct quote is "Winning isn't everything, but losing is nothing", which was said by Red Symons.

When was Nothing to Lose - soundtrack - created?

Nothing to Lose - soundtrack - was created in 1996.

When was He Gave Me Nothing to Lose created?

He Gave Me Nothing to Lose was created in 1979.

When was Nothing To Lose released?

Nothing To Lose was released on 07/18/1997.

What was the Production Budget for Nothing To Lose?

The Production Budget for Nothing To Lose was $25,000,000.

What does means this quote to gain that which is worth having' it may be necessary to lose everything else?

It is similar to apassage in the bible that states what is it for a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul, for whoever loses his life shall save his soul

What would the serf lose?

The serf wouldn't lose nothing because they were slaves , and they didn't have nothing .