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The height.

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Q: What is the measure from top to bottom?
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Did you measure at the top of the meniscus or the bottom?

You measure at the bottom of the meniscus.

How do you measure a Plastic bag?

top to bottom

How do you measure scaffolding?

With a tape measure. You asked. Outside to outside, top to bottom.

If you're measuring your penis do you measure it along the top or along the bottom?


When you measure a pie pan do you measure at the top where it's wider or at the bottom?

you measure at the top. Typically, pie pans are 8 or 9 inches.

How do you measure the distance around an egg?

You measure around the middle not around the top and bottom.

When measuring the height of a basketball rim do you measure from the top or bottom of the rim to the floor?


Where do you measure the top of rim or bottom of rim to ground?

poopy face

How do find the height of a cylinder?

Measure from top to bottom or vice-versa.

How do you measure width is it from left to right or top to bottom?

Width refers to the base of a geometric shape. Height is from top to bottom, while length and width, which are interchangable, are strictly side to side on the bottom.

What is spatial depth?

it goes in both direction to measure the distance of something from top to bottom.

How do you measure the size of a TV?

Bottom left corner to top right corner of the screen.

How can you calculate an area of trapezoid on picture?

-- Measure the height.-- Measure the width at the top.-- Measure the width at the bottom.Area = (1/2) x (height) x (width-at-the-top plus width-at-the-bottom)

What would be the fastest way to measure the volume of an aquarium?

Measure how wide it is, how long it is, and how high(top to bottom) it is and multiply them together.

How do you find the vertical distance?

You measure the height at the bottom, measure the height at the top, and subtract the smaller number from the larger one.

What does crank to top of seat on a BMX mean?

It means someone's measuring the frame incorrectly. you measure from center of bottom bracket to the top of the top tube. Some companies measure to the top of the seat tube, but never the top of the seat.

Is wavelengths measured from the top of one wave to the top of another true or false?

True. The wavelength is often measured from the top of the first wave to the top of the second wave. But it can be measure from the bottom of one to the bottom of the second as well.

How do you measure someone using measuring tape?

start at top of there head then go to the bottom of their toes.

Is numerator on top or bottom?

is it on the top or bottom?????/

How do you measure the size of a TV screen?

Diagonally across the screen. (From top left to bottom right, or top right to botom left.)

Describe how you measure the amplitude of a transverse wave?

The distance from the top of the wave to the middle of the wave (half of the total distance from top to bottom)

Do you read a miniscus from top to bottom or bottom to top?


If you are calculating the capacity of material that will fit inside a box you need to measure the -----edges of the box?

top to bottom

How can you tell how big your computer monitor is?

Measure it starting from the bottom left corner to the top right corner.

What pulse point is used to measure the heart rate?

Both the right bottom of the jaw and the top of the wrist