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The sum of the exterior angles of ANY polygon is 360 degrees.

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Q: What is the measure of a set of exterior angles of a heptagon?
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What is the sum of the measure of a set of exterior angles for any polygon?

360 degrees

Which set of angle measures total 360 degrees?

The sum of the exterior angles of a polygon add up to 360 degrees.

What are convex polygons?

A convex polygon is one with no reflex angles (angles that measure more than 180 degrees when viewed from inside the polygon). More generally a convex set is on where a straight line between any two points in the set lies completely within the set.

How can you do an Experiment on angle of reflection and angle of incidence?

Set up a light source that has narrow beam (a laser pointer is perfect for this).Point it at a mirror,measure the angle of incidence and of reflection.rotate the mirror,measure the angles,continue through many angles,tabulate and graph the results.

The set of all points outside an angle?

exterior of the angle

How do you remember that a heptagon has 7 sides?

In French, 7 is spelled "Sept" which is pronounced just like the word "Set". "Sept" is just one letter away from "Hept", the beginning of "Heptagon". Cheers!

What are the angles of set square?

30 60 set squares 45 set square

What are the angles of a set square?

90 degrees

Why set suare?

A set square is a tool for marking angles in engineering and technical drawing, etc. They come in different angles and may be adjustable.

What is one way to determine if a quadrilateral has congruent angles?

If it has at least one set of parallel sides, then at least one set of angles are congruent

What are the angles of an isosceles triangle have?

There are no set values for the angles of an isosceles triange. However there will be two angles that are of equal value, and the sum of the angles will add to 180 degrees.

Why does a protractor have 2 sets of numbers on it?

You measure angles from either side of the protractor. One set of numbers measures from the left side, the other measures from the right side.

What direction does the sun set in los angles?


What is the angle measure of an octagon?

Each inside angle measures 55 degrees. Outside angles measure 135. If you were making an octagon out of wood or other material, you would set your miter saw to 55 degrees for a flush attachment.

What polygon has 2 right angles and 1 set of parallel lines?

Answera polygon that has two right angles and one set of parallel lines is a hexagon

What shape has a set of parallel lines and two obtuse angles and 2 acute angles?

It's you dumbo!no its not

How many angles are in a trapezoid?

A trapezoid is a quadrilateral with a set of parallel lines. Because it is a quadrilateral, it has four angles.

What is a name for a set of quadrilaterals with 2 pairs of right angles?

Rectangles have 2 pairs of right angles.

Which Shakespeare play was set in Vienna?

Measure for Measure.

What is the function of the set square?

It's primarily a template for drawing lines at accurate right-angles and other angles to a line, usually 30º / 60º and 45º for standard set-squares. It's also used for drawing parallel lines. Adjustable set-squares allow you to set off other angles.

Which measure best describes the data set?

which measure best describes the data set

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What has 4 angles and one set of parallel lines?

A trapezoid

Why are the 2 set squares shaped differently?

There are two shapes to cover the two most common sets of angles used in mathematical constructions. The first set square contains 45o-45o-90o angles The second set square contains 30o-60o-90o angles

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