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The angles are 140 degrees, 20 degrees and 20 degrees that add up to 180 degrees

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The base angles are 20 degrees each and the third is 140.

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Q: What is the measure of each angle of an isosceles triangle if the measure of the third angle is 7 times the measure of either of the two base angles?
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If the measure of one angle of an isosceles triangle is what is the measure of either of the remaining angles?


If the measure of one angle of an isosceles triangle is 92 what is the measure of either of the remaining angles?

es 44

If the base angles of a triangle are congruent then the triangle is isosceles?

It will be either isosceles or equilateral. It is equilateral if all of the angles are congruent.

If the measure of one angle of an isosceles triangle is 92 degrees what is the measure of either of the remaining angles?

44 degrees

What is the name of the triangle that has 3 acute angles?

it is either an equilateral triangle, or an isosceles triangle.

Do isosceles triangles have exactly two acute angles?

Answer: Yes, because of the two angles have to be exactly equal in order to be isosceles. And no isosceles has 3 acute angles and then it will be equilateral triangle Answer: No, the isosceles triangle can either have two acute angles, or all three can be acute.

Are angles in an isoceles triangle equal?

Isosceles triangles have at least 2 equal angles. The 3rd angle can either be equal to the other two (it's then called an equilateral triangle), or it can be different from the two equal angles, in which case it's an isosceles triangle. All equilateral triangles are isosceles triangles, but not all isosceles triangles are equilateral triangles.

Would an isosceles triangle have three acute angles?

It could, but that's not required. It can have either two or three acute angles.

In an isosceles triangle are the base angles the biggest?

The two base angles are equal to one another. They may either be the two smallest, or the two largest, angles.

If the measure of one angle of an isosceles is 92 what is the measure of either of the remaining angles?

In any triangle, the sum of all three interior angles is 180 degrees.In an isosceles triangle, two of the three angles are equal.We know the 92 can't be one of the two equal angles, because if it were, then the 2 equal angles would add up to 184. The two equal angles must make up what's left of the 180 after you take out the 92.So the two mystery angles are [ 1/2 (180 - 92) ] = [ 1/2 (88) ] = 44 and 44.

If an isosceles triangle has one of its angles fifty degrees what will the others be?

Either both 65o or one of 50o and one of 80o.

How many do all triangles measure?

I'm pretty sure all triangles measure 180 degrees because they have three angles that are either acute, right, or obtuse angles and the triangle has to be either an equilateral, iscoceles, or scalene triangle.

What is an isosceles triangle right triangle?

it can be either way

Does an equilateral triangle right triangle isosceles triangle or a scalene triangle have 1 obtuse angle?

Either an isosceles or a scalene triangle can have one right angle.

What is the leg of an isosceles triangle?

Either of the two congruent sides of an isosceles triangle. See attached link for a picture.

Can you draw a triangle with a line of symmetry?

Yes either an isosceles triangle or an equilateral triangle

What kind of triangle does not have any equal sides?

Either a scalene triangle or an isosceles triangle.

What is unique in isosceles triangle?

A isosceles triangle has only two sides the same length unlike other types of triangle which either have one or none. If your wondering what triangle has only one side equal it is the isosceles also, (think about it,)

Does either pair of base angles of an isosceles trapezoid form a pair of congruent angles?

Always : )

What is a triangle with 1 axis of symmetry?

This could be either an isosceles triangle or a right angled triangle.

The measure of an exterior angle of a triangle is equal to the measure of either remote interior angle?

No. The sum of the other two interior angles.

What is the measure of the sides of an isosceles triangle if one side equals 12.1?

If one side of an isoceles triangle has a measure of 12.1, then either... 1. One of the other sides is also 12.1. ...or... 2. The other two side as equal to each other but not equal to the known side. In both cases, the unknown side(s) are unknown, because the angles are not stated.

What is anisosceles triangle?

If your question is "what is an [space] Isosceles triangle?" then... an Isosceles triangle is one where two of its sides are the same length while the third is either longer or shorter. Additionally, two of the angles are the same. if all three sides are the same length, it is an "equilateral triangle" (the root "equal" is in there). Additionally, all angles in the triangle are the same. if all three sides are different lengths, the triangle is called a "scalene triangle." additionally, all angles within the triangle are different. now, if your question is "what is an anisosceles triangle?" well... technically there is no such word, however, it isn't a nonsensical word. that is, if you break it down, it does have a meaning. the root "iso" means 'the same' (this is why an isosceles triangle is called what it is). when the prefix 'an' is added to a word, it means 'not.' so an anisosceles triangle, when broken down phonetically means "not a triangle with 2 equal sides." this could mean it is either equilateral or scalene, but not an isosceles. (but remember, this is not an actual term used, so...)

How many kinds of triangles?

There are triangles that are named for relationships of their side lengths: scalene has no equal sides Isosceles has 2 equal sides, and equilateral has all 3 sides equal. Then there are names for relationship of angles. Acute has all 3 angles less than a right angle (90°). Right has one angle is a right angle (90°). Obtuse has one angle greater than 90° but less than 180°. An equilateral triangle has all three angles 60°, so it is also acute. An acute triangle can be scalene or isosceles, as well. A right triangle can also be either scalene or isosceles. An obtuse triangle can also be scalene or isosceles.

Either pair of base angles of an isosceles trapezoid forms a pair of congruent angles.?