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Angular measure: 2*pi/5 radians or 72 degrees.


Length of arc: 2*r*pi/5 units or 144*r units, where r is the radius.

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Q: What is the measure of each arc of a circle that is circumscribed about a regular pentagon?
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The apothem of a regular pentagon is 10.8 centimeters what is the radius of the circumscribed circle?

The line joining the centre of the pentagon to any vertex is a radius of the circumscribed circle. The angle between such a line and the adjacent apothem is 360/10 = 36 degrees. If the radius is r, then we can now write: cos36 = 10.8/r So r = 10.8/cos36 = 13.350cm. to 3 decimal places.

What is circumscribed area and inscribed area of regular polygon?

circumscribed means the polygon is drawn around a circle, and inscribed means the polygon is drawn inside the circle. See related links below for polygon circumscribed about a circle and polygon inscribed in a circle.

What is the measure of each arc of a circle that is circumference about a regular pentagon?

If the distance from the centre of the pentagon to a vertex is r cm then the length of the arc is 0.4*pi*r cm

The center of a circumscribed circle is called what?

the center of a circumscribed circle is called the focus.

A circle is inscribed in a regular pentagon whose sides are 12 cm. Find the area inside the pentagon and outside the circle?


To circumscribed a circle about a triangle you use the?

To circumscribed a circle about a triangle you use the angle. This is to get the right measurements.

What is the maximum number of intersections that a regular pentagon can have with a circle on a plane?


What is a circumscribed polygon?

A circumscribed polygon is a polygon all of whose vertices are on the circumference of a circle. The circle is called the circumscribing circle and the radius of the circle is the circumradius of the polygon.

A regular decagon is inscribed in a circle find the measure of each minor arc?

The measure of an exterior angle of an equiangular pentagon is 72 degrees. An equiangular pentagon is a regular pentagon that has five equal sides and five equal angles. An interior angle of a pentagon is equal to 108 degrees.

Where is the center point of the pentagon inscribed in a circle?

assuming this is a regular pentagon (all five sides are equal length) the center is the intersection of the intersection of perpendicular bisectors of each side and should also be the center of the circle in which it is inscribed

How many circumscribed circles can a triangle have?

A triangle has exactly one circumscribed circle.

What is a polygon whose vertices lie on a circle?

A polygon which has a circumscribed circle is called a cyclic polygon.All regular simple polygons, all triangles and all rectangles are cyclic.