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An interior angle of a hexagon cannot be 4320 degrees. Even if it is a concave hexagon an interior angle must be less than 360 degrees. Also, the sum of ALL the interior angles of a hexagon must be 720 degrees. So, unless you have some angles whose measure is negative, an interior angle of 4320 is impossible. Therefore such a hexagon is impossible and, therefore, it is impossible to answer this question.

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Q: What is the measure of each exterior angle of a hexagon if the interior angle is 4320?
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What are the angle measures for a hexagon?

Interior Angle Degree measure = 120o Exterior Angle Dergree measure = 60o

What is the angle of a hexagon?

It depends on a few factors: if the angle is interior, if the angle is exterior, and if the hexagon is a regular hexagon or not. Each interior angle of a regular hexagon is 120o. Each exterior angle of a regular hexagon is 60o.

What is the sum of the interior angle measures of a regular hexagon?

The 6 inside angles of a hexagon add up to 720 degrees

What is the Formula to find out exterior angle of a hexagon?

180 - interior angle = exterior angle

Find the measure of one exterior angle of a regular hexagon?

Hexagon has 6 sides so 360/6 = 60 degrees interior angle therefore exterior angle = 360 - 60 = 300 degrees

Find the measure of each exterior angle of a hexagon?

Providing that it is a regular hexagon then each exterior angle will measure 60 degrees

The sum of an interior angle and an exterior angle of regular hexagon equals?

Interior is 120 degrees Exterior is 60 degrees.

What is the outside angle for a hexagon?

If the hexagon it regular ie: all the interior angles are the same. Then the exterior angles will equal: 360 - Interior Angle=Exterior angle 360 - 120 = 240 Exterior angle equals= 240 NB: Interior angle equals 720/6

What is an exterior angle of a triangle and how does the measure of an exterior angle relate to the interior angles?

Exterior angle+interior angle=180 degrees and 180-exterior angle=interior angle

What is the angle of a regular hexagon?

The measure of the interior angle is 120 degrees. The measure of the exterior angle is 60 degrees. Of course, the measure of all the angles add up to 720 degrees.

What is a degree measure of an angle in a reglar hexagon?

Interior angles: 120 degrees Exterior angles: 60 degrees

What is the measure of each exterior angle of a regular hexagon?

Each exterior angle = 60 degreesEach interior angle = 120 degreesThe exterior angle of a regular polygon of n sides is 360/n.So 360/6 = 60 degrees