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The 4 interior angles of any quadrilateral add up to 360 degrees

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Q: What is the measure of four quadrilateral angle?
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How do you find an measure of an angle in a rectangle?

A rectangle is a quadrilateral (four sided shape) with four right angles. Therefore, the measure of every angle is 90 deg.

Three angle in a quadrilateral measure 54 25 and 99 What is the measure of the fourth angle?

The sum of all four interior angles in a quadrilateral must be 360, so the answer would be: 360 - 54 - 25 - 99 = 182

What is the measure of each central angle of a quadrilateral?

That depends on the quadrilateral. They will not all have the same measure. Even rectangles will not all have the same central angle measures.

What is the measure of interior angle of a quadrilateral?

An interior angle of a quadrilateral can have any value in the range (0, 360) degrees excluding 180 degrees. The only constraint is that the four interior angles sum to 360 degrees.

What is the measure of a regular quadrilateral?

A regular quadrilateral is a square. As to the measure, the answer depends on the measure of WHAT? An angle, a side, the diagonal, area, perimeter, etc.

How do you find the measure of an interior angle in a quadrilateral inscibed in a circle?

There is no specific limitation on any one angle of an inscribed quadrilateral.

Can a quadrilateral have four obtuse angle?

No, it cannot.

What measure of angle a will make this quadrilateral a parallelogram?


What is the most right angle quadrilateral can have?

A quadrilateral can have four right angles.

Numbers of angle does a Quadrilateral have?

The word quadrilateral means having four sides. A four-sided figure has four angles.

Interior angle of a convex quadrilateral?

The following are angles in a convex quadrilateral: Angle A = 80 degrees Angle B = 98 degree Angle C = 70 degrees What is the measure of the missing angle?

Which quadrilateral can have four different angle measures?