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Using trigonometry the angle of elevation is 77 degrees rounded to the nearest degree

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Q: What is the measure of the angle between the end of the shadow and the vertical side of a 170ft building that cast a 40 ft long shadow?
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Measure the height of building 6 ft pole in shadow of building and covers shadow of building distance between pole and building 182ft pole cast shadow of 5.25ft how tall is building?

208 ft pole

What is the best time for you to measure you're shadow?

You're shadow is always changing. Why not just measure yourself?

How do you measure a tree?

Hold a yardstick perpendicular to the ground, and measure the shadow. Make a proportion, then measure the tree's shadow. Use the proportion to compute.

How do you measure the shadow's distance?


If a tree 17 feet tall casts a shadow 12 feet long how high is a building that casts a shadow 19 feet long?

To cast a 19 foot shadow the building would have to be 26.91 feet tall. Each foot of building/tree casts 8.47 inches of shadow.

Why is a shadow at it's shortest when the Sun is directly above you?

Because the shadow that is cast aligns along an identical vertical plane as the object

What is the difference between shadow and images?

what is the difference between shadow and image

How long a shadow would a 140 foot building cast if a 6 foot person cast a 10 foot shadow?

140*10/6 = 233.33... ft or 233 ft 4 inches. Except at that distance, the end of the shadow would be too diffuse to measure accurately.

What is as big as a building and is light as a feather?

The buildings shadow. : )

If your building casts a 280 ft shadow how tall is the building?

That varies depending on the height of the sun, whether the shadow is cast on a sloping surface and so forth.

A building casts a 52-foot shadow At the same time Tonya casts a 4-foot shadow Tonya and her shadow form a triangle that is similar to the triangle formed by the building and its shadow If Tonya?


How tall is a man that casts a shadow at the same time a 40 ft building casts a 60 ft shadow?

If the building casts a shadow, then the sun is out, and any man who is not standing in theshadow of the building will cast a shadow of his own, no matter how short or tall he may be.(If you had told us the length of the man's shadow, it would have been a completely differentquestion, and we could have had a completely different answer to offer in response.)

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