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The perimeter measurement of a pentagon is the sum of its 5 sides

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Q: What is the measurement for a pentagon?
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Do the interior angle of a pentagon have to be the same measurement of the perimeter?

The angles of a polygon are not directly related to the measurement of the perimeter. If you measure a perimeter of a pentagon in inches and then again in centimetres, the measurement number will change but the pentagon will remain the same.

What is the total angle measurement for a pentagon?

108 degrees

What is the measurement of the angle in a pentagon?

Interior angles are 108 degrees.

What is the measurement of an exterior angle of a pentagon?

Assuming I understand your question, the exterior angle of a regular pentagon is 72 degrees

What is the measurement of each exterior angle of regular pentagon?

360/5 = 72 degrees

What is the perimeter of a pentagon in an insribe circle if the pentagon has n-sided and the redius of a circle is r?

the perimeter of a pentagon 30 that is the perimeter because the pentagon has 5 sides and the measurement of each side measures to 6 inches so you multiply 5x2=30

What is the measurement of each of the exterior angles of a regular pentagon?

60 * * * * * No it is not. It is 360/5 = 72 degrees.

What is the perimeter of a penatgon?

A pentagon is a polygon with five sides. The perimeter is the distance around the outside of the shape. To figure out the perimeter of a regular pentagon, you can add all the sides together or take the measurement of one side and multiply it by five So that means the answer is: P=5a

What is the interior angle of a pentagon?

The measurement of an interior angle of a pentagon depends on whether the pentagon is a "regular pentagon". The sum of the measures of the interior angles of any polygon can be calculated using the formula (n-2)180, where n = the number of sides. If the pentagon is a regular pentagon, then all of the interior angles are congruent (i.e. : 144 degrees). Interior angle is the inside angle of any angular object. A triangle for instance has three outside angles and three interior angles, the angles of the points from the inside.

Why is the pentagon US shaped like a pentagon?

It was named after a pentagon, it wasn't the 'Pentagon' that named the 'pentagon'.

When a pentagon has two angles that measure 145 and 74 and the other angles are all congruent what are their measurements?

The measurement for the other three angles are 107 degrees.

What is the difference between the pentagon and the pentagon building?

They are both the same. Pentagon is just a shorter way of saying the pentagon building. As for if you meant the shape pentagon, it is called the pentagon because it's shape is a pentagon.

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