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The answer depends on what characteristic the tool is used to measure.

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Q: What is the measuring tool length?
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What is a tool measuring length?

Ruler. Micrometers. Caliper.

Which tool would be best for measuring the length of a picnic table?

a tape measure

Which tool would be best for measuring the length of a bookcase?

a tape measure

What is a 11 letter word for a tool used for measuring length?


What tool and unit of measure would you use to measure length?

depends on what item you are measuring

A measuring tape is generally a more precise tool for measuring length than having a person step off the distance?


Electrical conduit length is there a tool to measuring the conduit underground?

Well yes there is its called electricians conduit measuring tool we found it on u tube . go to superconduits and watch the video .

What is the tool for measuring length?

ruler, yardstick, or meterstickA ruler or measuring tape ... mind you you can use anything as a tool to measure .... so long as you know the length of the tool you are using ...

How do you measure an object that extends beyond your measuring tool?

You can use multiple measuring tools to measure different sections of the object and then add those measurements together to get the total length. Another option is to estimate the additional length by visualizing the extension of the object beyond the measuring tool and then adding that estimate to the measured length.

How can you calculate the length of a spiral?

You take it and roll it out and use a length measuring tool to measure it's approximate length in yards feet inches centimeters etc... :)

How do you measure length accuratley?

Make sure you have an accurate measuring instrument - ruler or tape.Make sure that you start with the zero point on the measuring tool exactly in line with the start of the object whose length you wish to measure. Ensure that you do this when viewing the two at right angles rather than from one side or another. Make sure that the measuring tool does not slip when you move tp the other end of the length. Again, make sure that you view the object and measuring tool dead on and read the measurement which lines up with the object.

What tool is used to measure?

There are many instruments (tools) used for measuring. It depends on what you're measuring. A ruler can be used to measure length, a watch to measure time and an anemometer for measuring wind speed.