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The median American income level is measured by the government and other organisations annually. The median American income level in 2011 is stated to be $50,502. This was a slight drop from the 2010 level of $51,144.

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Q: What is the median American income?
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How did the median income if African American men and women change during the civil rights movement?

the median income rose rapidly

Which race group had the lowest median income in 1999?

African American

What was the median income in 1977 in the US?

The median income in the US in 1977 was $13,570. The median income for 2013 in the US was $51,371.

What was US median household income in 1931?

Median Household Income 1931

What was the national median income for 1960?

In 1960, in the U.S., the median yearly income was $5,600. In 2012, the median yearly household income was $51,017.

What is the median household income of Massachusetts?

Median household income, 2008$65,304 In 2008 the median household income of Massachusetts was $65,304.

Average income in 1968? All Families Median Income in 1968 was $8,632 Mean Income was $9,670 Married-Couple Families Median Income in 1968 was $9,144 Mean Income was $10,222 Male Household, no wife present Median Income in 1968 was $7,321 Mean Income was $8,185

What is the national average American income?

That depends on how you define "average" and how you define "Income." Economists commonly use the median, which divides the population in half, as their average figure. According to the US Census Bureau in 2005: The median household income was roughly $46,000. The median annual earnings for someone in the labor force age 25 or older were $32,000. The median household per capita income, the amount of money households are able to allocate to each of their memebers, was $24,000.

What Is The Native American Average Gross Income?

In 2008-2009 the median annual income was only $33,132.00 and 24% of Native Americans live in poverty.

How much does an average American make in a year?

That depends on who you include in the statistics. The answer you are looking for is probably $32,000. According to the US Census Bureau in 2005, there are several median income figures ranging from $28,000 to $39,000. The median income for all 145 million Americans in the labor force with earnings was $29,000. The median income for all those in the labor force, with earnings who were 25 years of age or older was $32,000. The median income for those who were older than 25 years of age and worked full-time was $39,000.

What is the medium income in Australia?

The median income in Australia is around 35,000 dollars a year. This is similar to what the median income in the US is, at 49,000 dollars a year.

Median household income Ireland?

The Median household income in Ireland for 2007 was €46,000. See CSO reports.

What is the 2008 UK median income?

According to the ONS the UK's median income for the tax year 08/09 is £27,500

What is the median income of Seattle's Rainier valley in Seattle?

According to the City-Data sources; In 2011, the median household income for Rainier Valley, WA had been 63,519.00 dollars. The median household income of Rainier Valley had been greater than (by approx. 2,490.00 dollars) the median household income value of Seattle, WA in 2011.

What is Jordan's Median Income?

What is Jordan's medium income

What did Lyndon B. Johnson do while he was in office?

He lowered the poverty rate He appointed the first African American cabinet member. He increased median African American income.

What was the average household income in 1945?

The median household income in 1945 was $2379.00 according to the Financial Help Center.

What is median houshold income mean?

You calculate the income for each household. This is the sum of the incomes of all members of the household. The median is the value of household income such that 50% of households have a higher income and 50% have a lower income.

What was the Median household income in US in 2007 and 2009?

In 2007, the median annual household income rose 1.3% to $50,233, according to the Census Bureau. In 2009, the median annual household income was $49,777, according to the Census Bureau.

What is the median salary of a funeral director?

Hi there. I have been unable to find the median income of funeral directors in UK; however, in the US the median income for a funeral director has been reported as $48,592.

How much do optometrist make a month?

The median yearly income for an optometrist in the United States is $116,000. This works out to a median monthly income of $9,666.67.

What is the beginning salary for audiologist?

The median income for an audiologist is $69,000. Audiologist entering the profession will make significantly less than the median income.

What is the median household income Argentina?

The median household income for the nation of Argentina is about $28,000. The average Argentine makes about $1,455 per month.

What is median income of third world countries?

The median income for a good share of the third world is about $2 per day. The vast majority of families do not have an income above $1,000 in a year.

What is the median household income in New Mexico?

2008 statistics has New Mexico's median income at $43,508. Out of the 50 states, NM ranks 44th.