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The word mass is used to tell how much matter there is in something. Matter is anything you can touch physically. An electronic scale or triple beam balance can be used to tell the mass of an object. Volume is a is a measure of how much space an object occupies. When measuring the volume of a liquid, a graduated cylinder can be used.

Measurement is the collection of quantitative data (numbers). Measurements are not only numbers. They must always contain a unit of measurement. In the Metric System, the gram (g) is the basis unit of measurement for mass. The basis unit of measurement for the volume of liquids is the milliliter (ml). The density of an object can be determined by dividing the mass by the volume (D = M/V). From a density calculation, we may tell whether a substance will float or sink in another liquid. A less dense substance will float on one that is denser. An example is oil floating on water. Oil is less dense than the water.

For solids that have an irregular shape, the displacement method must be used to determine their volume. When using the displacement method, you must first measure the starting volume of the liquid. Then add the object and record the change in volume. This gives the volume of the irregularly-shaped object.


The density of objects can be determined by a method known as water displacement.


Triple beam or electronic balance

100 ml graduated cylinder

3 irregularly shaped objects




  1. Obtain 3 irregularly shaped objects that will sink in water.

  2. Estimate the mass & volume of each object. Record this on table 1.

  3. Use a triple beam balance or electronic scale to determine the mass in grams of each object. Record this on table 1.

  4. Fill a graduated cylinder halfway with tapwater.

  5. Measure & record the volume of the water in the graduated cylinder. READ THE MENISCUS!

  6. Place one of the objects into the graduated cylinder, and measure and record the new volume.

  7. Subtract the initial volume from the final volume. The difference is the volume of the object.

  8. Record the difference in data table 1.

  9. Repeat steps 4 - 8 for the other three objects.

  10. To determine the density of each object, divide the actual mass of each object by its volume (determined by water displacement).

  11. Record the densities in data table 1.

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Q: What is the method used to determine the mass of an irregular object?
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How do you determine the mass of an irregular shaped object using displacement method?

The displacement method is used to determine volume. However, if you know the density, the displacement test can give volume, which is used to work out mass by the formula m = dV

How do you calculate the density of an irregular object?

Determine its mass using a balance and determine its volume using water displacement. Then divide the mass by the volume to get density. Refer to the related link below for more detail.

What method is used to find the density of an irregular shape object?

First 'weigh" the ojbect on a scale. this gives the mass. 2nd use the water displacement method to find the volume. Then divide Density = mass / volume.

What happens to the mass of the water in an irregular object?


What determines the mass of an objects?

The only "weigh" to determine the mass of an object is to compare it with the mass of a known object. The mass of an object is determined by force and acceleration.

What 2 factors determine the density of an object?

The mass divided my the volume determine the density of an object

What tool do you use to measure an irregular object?

To measure the mass on an irregular object, you can use Water Displacement.Water displacement is a way of measuring mass. Materials needed for this are:A graduated cylinderWaterVariable (Irregular Object).Fill the graduated cylinder with a certain amount of water. Memorize it.Put the irregular object into the graduated cylinder. Find the mass by subtracting the first amount of water from the second. That's your mass.Hope this helps, and sorry if you didn't need all this information!

What is displacement method in science?

It is actually a means of finding the volume of an irregular shaped object. A graduated cylinder and a specific amount of water is used. Then the object is slid in. Water is measured and you figure out the difference of measures. Example: you start with 50 ml. than add the object. if it is now 25ml, the volume is 5

What are two factor the determine an object gravitatoinal potencial energy?

Mass and distance to another object with mass.

What determine the gravitational pull of a object?

An object's gravitational pull is determined by the object's mass.

How do you find the mass of irregular object show the experiment?

submerge in liquid and measure the displacement

What is the use for mass?

Mass is used to determine how much matter an object holds/how much matter is in the object welcome!!