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Q: What is the midscale point of a 10-A fullscale thermocouple meter?
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What is the midscale point of a scale thermocouple meter?

The midscale point of a scale thermocouple meter is 50 microns.

What is the midscale point of a 10-A full-scale thermocouple meter?


What is the function of thermocouple?

The thermocouple does not actually measure temperature, but the temperature difference between two points. If the temperature at one point is known (reference junction) then the temperature of the other point (sensing junction) can be calculated.

Do you need to use TC extension wire to connect a thermocouple or can you use shielded cable?

You must use thermocouple wire (of the same type as the thermocouple) to extend the circuit. If you switch to a different wire the point of connection between the two becomes a thermocouple junction itself, and the resulting voltage from that junction will skew your reading. You can use any wire to extend a thermocouple connection if you know the temperature of the junction where the thermocouple wire ends--this becomes the reference junction.

You replaced the thermocouple in your furnace but the pilot light still goes out when button is released?

The pilot flame has to encompass the top half inch of the thermocouple. A dirty pilot will sometimes point the flame away and therefore not heat the thermocouple enough to hold. Take a small rubber hose about two feet long and point it at the pilot orface and blow through the hose to remove the ash on the pilot surface Now relight and try it out.

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What is the Difference between Linear Meter and Running Meter?

linear meter is the distance between a point x to point Y irrespective of the elevation and bumps between them. running meter is the lenght between X AND Y considering all the elevation etc

What is the difference betweel running meter and square meter?

A metre is a measure of distance, from one point to another point, while a square metre is a measure of area.

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In strong acid base titrations when pH meter shows the value 7 then it is equivalence point.

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So that the result that you find on the watt meter after resetting it will be accurate

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