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They are the three numbers in the 7th, 8th and 9th position of a large number, denoting millions, tens of millions, and hundreds of millions.

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The period to the left of thousand is?


What is the period to the left of thousands called?


Name the period in the 1930s in which millions of people were out of work?

The period in the 1930s in which millions of people were out of work was the Great Depression. This was the decade that preceded World War II.

What is the number in millions period is for 7 583 137?

The millions place is the farthest to the left. It's a 7.

Describe the Holocaust?

holocaust was the period in which millions of jews were killed.

What time period did triceratops live?

In the late Cretaceous period. About 72-85 millions of years ago. :)

In which period did Homo habilis live?

1.6 millions years ago

What is the period after the millions period?

units thousands millions billions trillions quadrillion quintillion sexillion septillion octillion nonillion decillion undecillion dodecillion quatrodecillion intedecillion sexidecillion septidecillion octidecillion nonidecillion

What was name of the period was 150 million years ago?

150 millions years ago Earth was in the late Jurassic period.

When was the Cambrian explosion?

The Cambrian period, 570 millions years ago approximately.

What time period where the Taconic mountains formed?

440 millions years ago

Which best describe how fossil fuels form?

Over period of millions of year.

When was the first appearance of land animals?

Carboniferous period. It was Millions of years ago.

What period of time does it take for millions of dollars worth of emerald transactions in Bogota?

A Day.

What time period was millions of people killed by the Nazis?

The 1940's and ended in 1945

What is the definition of the distant future?

The "distant future" is a period thousands or millions of years into the future, as opposed to the relatively short period defined by "in the coming years".

When was oil formed?

Oil was formed hundreds of millions of years ago. This period of time is called the Carboniferous Period and is actually a time prior to the dinosaurs.

What does the math term period mean?

use 3,893,476. Which is the name of the period that has the digits 476? A. Millions B. Thousands C. Hundreds D. Ones

How many millions years ago was the Cretaceous period?

144 to 65 Million Years Ago

Who was a person during prohibition?

There were millions of people alive during the prohibition period. Some still are

Which event did not occur between 1861 to 1865?

Millions of things did not occur in that period. You will have to be more specific.

How many times smaller is the 8 in the units period than the 8 in the thousands period in number 269 872 805?

How many times larger is the 2 in the millions period than the 2 in the thousands period? 269 872 805

What time period refers to when millions of Jewish people were killed during World War 2?

The Holocaust

What type of clothes did travelers wear in the Jurassic period?

Humans, or anything that could be remotely related to humans, came along many millions of years after the Jurassic Period.

How often does the comet re-appear?

How often a comet reappears depends on its orbital period. Comets can be either short-period or long-period, with the orbital periods ranging from a few years to millions of years.

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