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Q: What is the minimum dimension of piggery?
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What is a piggery?

A piggery is a type of farm that specialize in pigs

Feasibility study for a business like piggery?

feasibility study for piggery projects?

What are the maximum and minimum dimension of pebbles?

0.004 to 0.06

What are the disadvantages of a piggery?

Its very obese

What is the salary for a piggery manager?

30 dollars an hour

What is piggery farming?

A piggery is a pigsty or a pig breeder's establishment, but it can also describe great greediness. So if someone is farming greediness, they would be spreading the growth of greediness.

What is rational dimension?

Rational dimension refers to the dimension of a vector space over the field of rational numbers. It is the minimum number of linearly independent vectors needed to span the entire vector space. The rational dimension can differ from the ordinary dimension of a vector space if the vectors are over a field other than the rational numbers.

What is a dimension line?

Lines that define the parameters of a dimension.Dimension lines are thin lines terminating in arrowheads. Place dimension lines no closer than 3/8" from the object outline. Parallel dimension lines should be a minimum of 1/4" apart. You may place parallel dimension lines more than 1/4" apart so long as the spacing between dimension lines is uniform throughout the drawing. Dimension lines are generally broken in the center of the line to provide a space for the dimension figure. Dimension figures for parallel dimension lines are staggered. In some structural or architectural drawings, you may find dimension figures placed above the dimension line.

Requirements for piggery business?

Grant king smells of poo and has a dodgy finger

Why are Bolton wanderers called the trotters?

Because they used to play on a ground next to a piggery.

What is the height limitation in relation to the base dimension on a scaffold tower?

The height of scaffold tower is four (4) times the minimum base width.

What are 2 of Brazil's multinational corporations?

monika bulmer's piggery ltd and emily barrets head