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The minimum number of bars on an abacus is nine. An abacus is a calculating tool that was used before the written numeral system came into use. It is still used by merchants and traders in countries in Asia and Africa.

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Q: What is the minimum number of bars on an abacus?
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What is the minimum number of bars on a abacus?

The twenty bead version, referred to by its Dutch name rekenrek, has two bars.

How did the ABACUS impact future technology?

Before the abacus, there was no such number that existed. du

How does the abacus work?

It goes by the number places.

How does abacus function?

By the user moving little beads along bars . different amounts of beads stand for different numbers .

Did the Romans use calculating tools?

Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.

Which country invented the abacus?

China invented the abacus .

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Who discovered abacus?

who discover abacus

How did the abacus occur?

How did the abacus occur?

Disadvantage of an abacus?

disadvantage of abacus

What was the first abacus?

The Chinese abacus

What does an abacus have?

An Abacus has beads and strings.

How do you say abacus in Hindi?


Abacus were is it from?

The First appearance of an abacus was in Sumeria around 2700 to 2300 BC.

What is the history of the abacus?

the history about the abacus is that 3000 years ago the chinese invented the abacus. The abacus was made of wood parrelel rod and beads.

What is the maximum number of beads on any rod of an abacus and why?


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Abacus is the first counting machine!

Who invnted abacus?

the Chinese invented the abacus

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