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Q: What is the minimum number of points required to geo-referencing an object?
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The minimum image size that the human eye can see is 0.1 mm What is the minimum magnification required to make an object that is 10 um visible?


How many light rays are required to locate the image formed by a lens?

2 is the minimum number of light rays required to locate the image (of a point object) formed by a lens. First find the path of rays after refraction and then their point of intersection gives the location of the image.

What does minimum internal temperature mean?

There is no minimum number. Suppose x is a minimum number. Then x - 1 is also a number and it is smaller than x. So x cannot be a minimum number. This argument can be used for any number that is put forward as a minimum.

How many minimum number of cuts required to get 343 pieces?

The answer depends on whether you start off with a open ended object like a strip of paper of a length of fabric, or a closed object like a loop of paper or a doughnut. The answer also depends on whether you can stack pieces that you have already cut for the next cut. For an open ended object and no stacking, you will need 342 cuts.

How many views are needed to show an object from all - orthopraphic-sides?

to show all sides of an object being sketch or the number of views required

Is the turning force required to turn or twist any object?

Answer:Obviously turning force is required to turn any object but to twist an object twisting force is required.

The amount of needed to make an object change its depends on the of the object and the required?

. The amount of Force needed to make an object change its motion depends on the Mass of the object and the Force required

As your vehicle moves closer to an object you will be required to?

Understand that there is no relationship between the amount of steering required and the distance you are from the object

If you pull something with a force of 20N and the object is not accelerating what is the force of friction on the object?

minimum 20N

What permissions and licences are required to make pickles in India?

[object Object]

What is a 1 sided figure called?

a line. Note, to be a polygon, the minimum number of sides is 3. In topology, you can have a '1-sided' object, which is called a Moebius strip.

What is required to move an object?

A force.