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The minimum number of quarters, pennies, and nickels needed to make up 123 cents is 4 quarters, 4 nickels, and 3 pennies.

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Q: What is the minimum number of quarters pennies and nickels needed to make up 123 cents?
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What coins are needed to make 85 cent?

Three quarters and a dime or two nickels. There are other combinations as well, such as 85 pennies.

How do you get 88 cents in 9 coins?

2 quarters, 3 dimes, 1 nickel, 3 pennies. I worked it out by knowing that 3 pennies would be needed for sure (to get from 85 to 88), but not 8 pennies, since there's no 80 cent coin. Then just started working it out with quarters, then seeing how many dimes, and then nickels would work out to the six remaining coins.

What is the minimum number of quarters pennies and nickels needed to make up 124 cents?

Now - I'm British but... 4 quarters, 2 dimes and 4 cents are the minimum number of coins you would need to make $1.24 - a total of 10 coins.More:Because the question asks for the minimum number of coins, you want to use the largest number of the largest possible denomination to make up the total amount without exceeding the total. That is,Start with 4 quarters ($1) because 5 would be $1.25 which is too large.That leaves 24 cents, so the next denomination to try is a dime. Three dimes would be too much (30 cents) so you need to use two dimes.The quarters and dimes total $1.20 so only 4 cents remain. A nickel (5 cents) is too large, so you need four pennies to make up the full amount.

Why were no us dimes minted in 1922?

Simple answer: No dimes, nickels, quarters or half dollars were needed in 1922. The economy was slow so the government did not make any.

What are all the possible ways to get cents out of only quarters nickels and dimes?

More information is needed. Please post a new, separate question giving the total number of cents.

How many nickels to make 10000 dollars?

200,000 nickels are needed

How many nickels are needed to make 1.00?

20 nickels = $1.00

Value of a 1900 epluribus unum coin?

All Nickels, Quarters, Half Dollars and Dollar US coins dated 1900 have the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM on them, a denomination is needed.

How many nickels are needed to make 2.75?

A nickel is 5 cents. $2.75 is 275 cents. 275 / 5 = 55 nickels.

How many nickels are needed to make 2.30?


How many pennies are needed to make a 1 foot cylinder?

Rough estimation here, but about 3 rolls of pennies. So..150 pennies.

Are 1941 US nickels made of silver?

US nickels made from 1866 to mid-1942 and from 1946 to the present are made of a copper-nickel alloy, not silver. From mid-1942 to 1945 nickels did contain a small amount of silver because nickel metal was needed for the war effort. Those "war nickels" are the ONLY ones that have any silver in them. Because dimes, quarters, and halves contained silver up till 1964 many people erroneously believe that nickels did, too. But after all, the coin is called a nickel because it's partly made of nickel!