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Q: What is the minimum runway length for a c-5?
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An airplane has a takeoff speed of 80ms which it reaches 35s after starting from rest what is the minimum length of the runway?

Assuming it as passenger aircraft and take-off speed = lift off speedwe have minimum runway length required as 80*35 = 2.8kmIf it is a military aircraft the length will reduce further to minimum unstick speed

Minimum length of runway needed to land an F-16 Fighting Falcon?


What is the length of runway at lax airport?

Runway: 25R Length x Width: 12923 ft x 150 ft Runway: 07L Length x Width: 12923 ft x 150 ft Runway: 25L Length x Width: 11095 ft x 200 ft Runway: 24R Length x Width: 8926 ft x 150 ft Runway: 24L Length x Width: 10885 ft x 150 ft Runway: 07R Length x Width: 11095 ft x 200 ft Runway: 06R Length x Width: 10885 ft x 150 ft Runway: 06L Los Angeles Ramp/Taxi: 131.45

How much runway do b52 need?

The standard runway length for planning purposes is about 10,000 ft

How long is the run for the long jump?

The IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) specifies the long jump runway is a minimum of 40 meters in length and a maximum of 45 meters.

What is the length of a fashion runway?

There is no average length of a runway, according to and another answer on first source (listed below) suggests that a runway length should "be two-thirds the length of your room."Consider your venue, especially backstage and seating needs.Sources:- What%20is%20the%20standard%20measurement%20for%20fashion%20show%20runwaysthere----Are you planning on becoming a model? :O if not... You don't need to worry about it :)

What is the requird runway length for Boeing 747?

The required runway length depends on the payload and, the fuel on board the aircraft. If your looking at relatively full payload and, maximum weight on board you can see some 747's using full length runway departures which can be over 12,000 feet. So there really is not a required runway length till you get specific with payload and, fuel on board.

What is the length of trivandrum airport runway?

3398 metres

How much runway length does a b52 need?


Is a milligram the length of an airport runway?

No. A milligram is a unit of mass.

Length of runway of Kamina Military base?

8858 feet

Is dublin airport runway long and wide enough for the Airbus 380 to land and take off from?

No runways 10/28 amount to 8652 meters and a380 requires The minimum length of runway for takeoff is 9,020ft and for landing, it is 5900ft.